Silver Chains

It is unbelievable how much silver chains can change the world… One and the same pendant can have different impact depending on which chain carries it! Our choice of silver chains covers everything – our chain can give a pendant more power or affection, elegance or style… Pick the right chain from our selection or ask as for advice!

When buying a chain, the length of the chain is crucial. You should know the length of the pendant you wish to carry with the chain. Pendants are at their most beautiful when they lie extravagantly in the middle of the chest area, not too high up under the neck or too low on the chest. A second possibility is to wear the pendant below your breasts, especially if the pendant is bigger and more powerful. Choose a smaller and finer chain (45 to 50 cm) for a smaller pendant and pick a longer and thicker chain (80 to 90 cm) for larger pendants. Check out the different lenghts of a chain to help you decide!

When choosing the length of the chain, it is worth remembering that neck chains tend to stress the body part which they fall on. You can accentuate the part which you like the most and divert attention from more problematic areas (from the stomach to the chest area, for example). For those reasons, consider the shape of your neck and face, and your body type. You should also think about your clothes and necklines which you will wear with your jewellery.


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