Silver pendants at the end of your necklace may be hidden under a shirt from the eyes of strangers, as personal ornaments with secret power, or express your soul and energy with an eye-catching piece on a low-cut neckline… Oh, what an effect a piece of jewellery can have on a woman’s essence!

Every piece sold on the WildWoman jewellery online store has been handmade with love and care. Our silver jewellery is made from 925 silver (or 585 for gold: find gold jewellery). The crystals that adorn our jewellery are always natural gemstones.

And remember, silver pendants yearn for a silver chain... Occasionally, we have recommended a necklace with a pendant, but you can always write to us and ask for advice on necklace choices. Of course, you can pick any necklace you feel is beautiful. Your instinct is always right.

A great many of our silver pendants are one of a kind. WildWoman’s owners and operators travel often around the world seeking extraordinary gemstones. We take the rarest natural gemstones to Bali where silversmiths turn them into jewellery that can be found in our Crazy Woman collection.


Find silver pendants to complement your body and light up your soul:



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