Aquamarine silver charm (single)

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About this piece

The charm (the pendant loop is not included in the price )is an exciting accessory that you can use to create a completely different mood for your look. Combined with openable pendant loop - u can create different looks for different outfits. In addition, the charm also fits WildWoman earring bases. If you are Wild and playful - we recommend you to buy different charms and make asymmetrical earrings! This is a real Game of Gems. Game of Life.

This bright-blue crystal is like the embodiment of a Master-Teacher. If you’ve strayed off the chosen path, it will help lovingly to pull you back on track.

Without this piece, there’s a danger of feeling a bit underdressed…

Zodiac: gemini, cancer, scorpio, aquarius, pisces.

Read more about this crystal: Aquamarine

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