Life roles: model, content creator, baker, winner of the Best Baker show, mother, partner, participant in various international beauty pageants, WildWoman’s resident model

Sandra, a delicate woman with a super strong spirit, lives by this motto: “Life must be like a movie”; in the interview below, Sandra will talk about coping in her different life roles.

Being a mom 

You are the mother of two precious girls that join you in baking and the hustle and bustle of everyday life; even your social media pictures radiate great love. But what are the challenges you have faced in the role of a mother? As a mother, how have you managed to hold on to you / keep yourself balanced, or was a new you indeed born along with your kids?

 Stories of women. Sandra Daškova

Photographer: Karen Harms. Jewelry: WildWoman. Clothes: SnobTallinn. MUAH: Natalia Shishkina. Accessories: SleepAngelGlobal

The greatest challenge for me in being a mom is being patient. By nature, I am hot-tempered and full of fire, rather, but next to my kids I’ve learned to be more patient, calmer, and more understanding. That doesn’t mean that I have changed radically. Hotheadedness has certainly not left me, and I can bring it back into my life at any time should the circumstances so demand. To hold on to me while also being a mom has been a conscious decision. This decision was not made straight after my children were born because there’s a period where you need to be there for your baby. But after some time, I reminded myself that I’m not only a mother but also a Woman. Not only a woman for myself but also for my husband. In other words, children should not take away who you are and, rather, you should be happy in your own skin. Based on personal experience I believe in the model in which I am first myself, then wife to my husband, and then mother to my kids. As a woman, if you’re happy inside, all your family members are happy.

Body and spirit

Sandra, you are shaped like a model regardless of all the baking. A current hot topic is body image or the way we look. Next to stick-thin models, plus-size models have appeared as another variation to the socially imposed ideal shape. Which do you favor - an ideal world or the natural world? Do you feel social pressure in terms of how you should look?

 I believe that when a person is confident and happy, they look beautiful regardless of whether they are "stick-thin" or curvaceous. What’s important is not to comply with a standard but to understand who and what you are inside and to adjust your looks based on that. Wearing jewelry and clothes that fit your figure, you already look pretty and stylish. There’s no need to turn yourself into someone you’re not.

 For me, it is very important to feel good, be in good physical shape, and be on friendly terms with my body. Proceeding from this, I make my decisions. I like working out, but I also like to eat everything. When it comes to eating, I’ve made a conscious decision to keep it balanced. For example, if I eat a lot of sweets, I know I’ll make healthier choices later. Of course, all this is not easy - just decide and that’s how it is; implementing this decision is a matter of practice, you must learn to have a strong character. There have been difficult times when I slip up but what’s important is to get back to the starting point. It’s also worth reminding yourself to ask for help if things get tough. Why not ask for advice from a nutrition counselor or personal trainer or discuss the matter with a psychologist. By the way, I visit a psychologist, tell them about my problems, and oftentimes while I am recounting my issues, I come up with a solution myself!

Social pressure stalks all of us at every step we take. The pressure I feel is to always look perfect, wear makeup, and edit my pictures. For me, a world where a woman looks flawless in each situation is not real. I think this could lead one to lose their true self, the real woman in oneself. A feminine woman without makeup is very beautiful.

At the same time, I feel the need to emphasize the fact that plus-size is one thing, yet quite a different matter is this precarious social trend where we’re as if supposed to praise the beauty of dangerously overweight individuals. I find this to be irresponsible towards these people themselves because it takes away from their motivation to pull themselves together and try to get a healthier body. Furthermore, it sets a dreadful example for the younger generations.

Love connection

Is love just simply there or do you have to work for a relationship to function as it should?

 Falling in love just happens but love is a decision made together as a couple and has decided to move forward together, you must work for it. Without putting in the effort you can float together, yet it might have no direction and your paths may diverge soon.

 It oftentimes happens that romance and love are lost in day-to-day life. For example, I plan quality time with my husband. We ask someone to watch the kids so we could be just the two of us. We go and do something that will keep romance and love alive. By the way, quality time is one of the five languages of love. The four other love languages are words of recognition, the art of serving, receiving gifts, and physical touch – I believe that using all of them in a balanced manner is what establishes a complete and fulfilled relationship. My husband and I have different love languages. For instance, my language of love is receiving gifts. I like receiving gifts and I also like giving gifts. For me, when giving a gift, it’s important to put real thought into it. The emotion when the receiver opens the gift is just magical. This love language is not as important for my husband, but I give him hints often to make it easier for him.

Sandra Daškova

Sandra Daškova & Roone 

Work and public life

Looking at your career, it all seems unbelievable - a woman decides to bake and at once becomes Estonia’s Best Baker. A woman decides to take part in a beauty pageant and is awarded titles right away. You start creating content and have followers straight away. What is your secret weapon to achieve the title of “the best” and become successful at once? A public role comes with public attention which is not always benevolent - what is your armor made of that you wear to protect yourself from the public? 

 There is a little secret behind my success. Namely, I do what I love to do and put my heart and soul into it! For example, I discovered I’m good at baking and I enjoy it immensely. The second secret of my success lies in people that believe in me and support me. My husband Roone encouraged me to attend Estonia’s Best Baker show, saying: “Go do something for yourself, I’ll watch the kids.” A great partnership is a basis for many things – understanding and supporting your other half, you’ll give them wings. When you have someone that supports you, it is much easier to be successful and to achieve what you truly desire.

 As a public figure, I am very careful as to what I say and how I say it, and how I share my goings-on. It’s up to you what kind of an image you create for yourself among people. I don’t say just whatever comes to mind on social media and, rather, take time to consider my words and thoughts, nevertheless always staying true to myself. Although I haven’t had much negative feedback, as a public figure I must look at it as something that may occur. I don’t need to feel bad when I receive negative comments because, most likely, those people themselves are experiencing issues or worrisome concerns and they simply don’t know how to find a solution - it’s often easier to take it out on someone. When someone says something bad to me, I’ve responded by thanking them for pointing out a problematic issue - I always remain polite and never let myself be dragged into an argument. I don’t like saying bad things to anyone - I see no value in it. Rather, I always have a positive and cheerful attitude toward life.

The formula for the game of life 

If you put all your different life roles together, what is your philosophy in this game of life - what is happiness for you?

A successful game of life and happiness for me are two different things.

Since I was little, my motto in life has been “Life must be like a movie”. You can create all kinds of movie-like scripts in your life yourself. For example, I am good at endeavors straight out of romantic movies. They require a little time, planning, thinking things through but all this will bring thrill and excitement for both people involved. If you want a life like the movies, you cannot only live by your decisions - you must let your passion guide you as well. Passion is an essential part of the game of life because it creates your true self. If there’s something you wish for, never suppress it - instead, follow it and make it happen. If you feel there’s no great passion, simply take notice and be guided by your emotions - those ones that excite you. Because if you do not spot your own little flurries of passion and fail to unleash them, life will orchestrate itself for you. For me, successful formula for the game of life consists of finding a balance between different roles. I take time to devote equal attention to each role and this makes my life whole, happy, and complete. Living and life are a series of conscious decisions. Let your life flow with passion yet make conscious decisions to stay on course.

 But what is happiness? In different stages in my life, the concept of happiness has meant different things for me. Right now, happiness for me is being able to be at home with the whole family and I am in a state of mind where I do not sweat the small stuff. Happiness is the skill to be cheerful and happy about life. This skill requires practice.

You and jewelry

What does jewelry mean for you?

I’ve worn earrings since I was a kid and to this day I will never go anywhere without earrings. Without I feel so empty somehow. Jewelry gives your look that last touch. Your jewelry may be modest and small, yet it makes you shine and provides a frame for you. Jewelry can express your nature and your inner self. Jewelry helps create a complete and feminine woman.


I like jewelry that has value. Jewelry with a story. Each piece of jewelry has come to me via a fascinating route. I highly value simple jewelry and feminine stones – diamonds and rubies. I’m glad my husband sometimes gives me quality jewelry that retains its value over time.

Sandra Daškova

Fotograaf: Karen Harms. Ehted ja stilistika: WildWoman. MUAH: Natalia Shishkina 


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