Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about WildWoman jewellery...


Is the jewellery sold on this site genuinely high in quality?

Yes. We devote great attention to making sure we sell only high-quality goods. We make a point to specify the material used in each piece, which is also stamped on the item along with the Wildwoman symbol, W. All jewellery undergoes multiple-pass quality control and we always take responsibility for the quality claim, meaning that we bear the costs of repair (see the relevant question and answer below for details)!

Does your jewellery use real gemstones?

99% of our items contain genuine semi-precious stones. If we have used a synthetic or tinted stone, we will declare this explicitly. We also work closely with the EU certified assay office, carrying out random assays of semi-precious stones and jewellery from each batch of jewellery. Tested jewellery bearing the seal and label of the assay office is marked accordingly in our online catalogue.

Perhaps most important, all of the women of the WildWoman tribe have all passed gemmology training. Proprietors Marika and Mairi also have taken courses at the GIA - the Gemmology Institute of America. All other employees were trained at a semi-precious stone training offered by the EU assay office.

How do I know a given crystal is right for me?

Our online store allows you to choose jewellery according to influence and star sign, and you can also rely on the crystal carousel on our home page. Learn about the properties of different semi-precious stones and crystals.

But - you’re a woman. So just start by taking a deep breath, in and out, be here now in your body, and have trust! You know which gem or crystal you need. You might be captivated by a completely unexpected gem and/or crystal. For some reason you can’t get it out of your mind, can’t take your eyes off of it…. Even if you haven’t touched it, you want to look at the item again and again in our online catalogue…. If you sense these feelings, you can be sure that No matter whether it’s a brief fling or a long romance, you need the support and energy of that stone right now. Our online store offers also free shipping over 95€ items and hassle free delivery 30 days. Put in a mail order and become convinced that it is beautiful and right for you!

How do I know how big an item is?
  • The page for each piece of jewellery has the heading “Detailed information”, which provides the measurements.
  • There’s a photo of a model demonstrating each product. This will give you an idea of how the piece looks on a person. Click on the photo to enlarge..
  • In the case of a bracelet, it’s easy: look at the length of the chain (some have clasps for different measurements) and measure your wrist circumference.
How do I know my ring size?

With rings, it’s easiest to visit a goldsmith and have your finger measured. At home, you can also follow our ring sizing guide, or the table below :

Ring size Finger circumference (mm)
15.0 47.1
15.5 48.7
16.0 50.2
16.5 51.8
17.0 53.4
17.5 55.0
18.0 56.5
18.5 58.1
19.0 59.7
19.5 61.2
20.0 62.8
20.5 64.4
21.0 65.9
21.5 67.5
22.0 69.1
22.5 70.7

In the case of rings, remember that for a wider/chunkier ring, you should just choose half a size larger.

How do I know how long a chain to buy?


What if the online store shows an item is sold out?

If the status of an item is shown online as “already sold out”, that means that either the piece has found an owner or has been reserved by someone for a couple days. Sometimes there is more than one of an item but it takes a little time for the next one to reach the online store from the secret vault. In any case, we encourage you to write to us about what you are looking for! When writing to us, send us the secret code you see by the item on our website (see Detailed Information heading) and ask or check back at our online store within the week. If there was only one unique item and the piece has been sold, our online store unfortunately is unable to take custom orders.

How is jewellery packed?

Silver jewellery arrives in an attractive complimentary velvet pouch, while gold jewellery comes in an nice-looking complimentary gift box. Gift boxes are also available for silver items (for an additional charge).



What if something happens to a piece of jewellery?
  • Being matter as well as energy, sometimes jewellery gets damaged. Don’t worry, we are there for you and we’ll find a solution.
  • We offer a two-year warranty on manufacturing defects, where we bear the costs related to repair. If it is damaged by you or it is seen that the item hasn't taken well care of, the repairment costs are on you.
  • If we can’t reach agreement on why the piece was damaged, we will have a goldsmith perform an expertise. Please send us note on e-mail:, describe your problem, send a photo and we will get back to you in 1-2 business days to offer solution.
How to care for the jewellery?
  • The web pages devoted to each item have a section titled “Care”, providing tips on what to do and what not to do to keep the precious possession looking like new.
  • Also check out the menu item care for detailed information on charging your gems and crystals from an energy standpoint.


How to use and redeem gift certificates?
  • We have electronic gift certificate, available in different designs for women and men, in the amount of your preference. Let us know the name of the reciever in the comments of the order and we personalise the gift-card.
  • The gift certificate has a code accepted by our online store.
  • The gift certificates are valid for 6 months.