One of the best qualities of apatite crystal is that it brings order to chaos and expands knowledge to be able to make rational choices in adult life. It develops mental traits and is attuned to planning for the future.

Keywords: spirituality, personal development, dreams, manifestation, motivation, increase in energy, communication and self-expression, creativity, perceptions, weight loss, superpowers, intellect.

Spiritual power
Apatite stimulates the creativity and intellect, broadens the knowledge and also instils motivation and increases energy to be able to initiate something with these attributes. Throw in the fact that it helps see connections between past and future and build a bridge between consciousness and matter, and it amounts to a discovery of a secret superpower weapon.

Apatite has a positive effect on the throat, which governs social interaction and communication, thereby supporting self-expression. If you are gripped by anger, or brought down by sadness, gnawed at by negativism or stalked by apathy, you may experience an uplifting support from apatite. This energy-filled crystal helps make progress along the winding path of personal growth, supports fulfilment of dreams and manifestation of secret desires; it also increases energy.
Healing properties
Healing energy for teeth and bones is ascribed to apatite; it also eases arthritis and other joint problems. Apatite is said to also dull hunger, stimulate metabolism, and promote healthy nutrition.
Did you know
  • There’s no better stone than one that simultaneously reduces cellulite and increases the intelligence - it can affect both the mind and the metabolism!
  • The Apollo astronauts collected moon rocks that contained apatite.
  • The name for apatite comes from Greek and means deceit. It is called that because it was found in different colours from red to white and it was often confused with other minerals.
Care and maintenance
This is a very delicate stone, it does not tolerate hot water and long exposure to sunlight, cool soapy water is best for cleaning it.
Best signs
Not directly associated with any one sign. May be a good match for Gemini.
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