Aragonite is a crystal that helps cope with changes. It guides you to focus on the essential and discipline yourself so that you can develop and grow as a person.

Keywords: earth energy, grounding, focusing, peace, positivity, coping with change, self-confidence, self-concept, cleansing.

Spiritual power
Aragonite with its tranquillity and positive energy removes anxiety and grounds you. In work and personal life, it helps you focus on the essential things, and in this way you can cope more easily with changes and life’s challenges – it simply keeps you buoyant and seaworthy on the surface of life’s ocean, even in storms. It also ensures that decisions don’t stem from emotions but based on reality.

If you’re looking to remove all spiritual blockages from your heart, mind and spirit and see the world in positive tones, it will give you power to do that and bolster your self-confidence. It’s an extremely effective stress reliever and also frees you from tensions and anger so you can again be fully present in the moment and focus on yourself. It increases your patience and self-discipline so that you can grow and become stronger as a person.
Healing properties
Supports recovery from burnout and shock to the nervous system. Those suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia are well advised to place aragonite under their pillow.
Did you know
  • Aragonite is also one of the key components in organic minerals (such as coral and pearl).
Care and maintenance
Clean with a soft cloth and incense. It is not fond of water and extended periods in direct sunlight. Moonlight and your attention caress aragonite.
Best signs
Not directly related to any star sign, but may be a good match for Capricorn.
Stones with similar energy/impact: