Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a green jasper with red or yellow flecks. It cleanses the blood and possesses powerful healing properties, is grounding and protecting.

Keywords: energy, life force, decision-making, courage, calming, health restoring, removes energy blocks, improves blood characteristics, intuition, creativity, grounding.

Spiritual power
Heliotrope is believed to have mystical and magical qualities that help destroy negative aspects and evil and guide mental energies. It is also a reminder that chaos usually precedes transformation – it is something to be accepted.

Heliotrope is ideal for strengthening intuition and increasing creativity. Heliotrope unlocks the ability toward off all sorts of undesirable influences. Psychologically, the stone instils courage and teaches you to avoid dangerous situations through strategic retreat and flexibility. It eases the mind, dispels confusion and is conducive to the decision-making process. It provides new energy when you are mentally exhausted. It gives you energy to adapt to unaccustomed situations. It reduces irritability, aggressivenss and impatience.
Healing properties
Heliotrope is associated above all with blood energy – it cleanses the blood of toxins, supports circulation, strengthens the blood. A cleanser of energy and stimulator of the immune system, it stimulates the flow of lymph and metabolic processes, gives new energy and life force when the body and mind are exhausted. It helps blood-rich organs and prevents overacidity. It cleanses lower chakras and re-aligns their energies.
Did you know?
  • In ancient times, heliotrope was considered an oracle that provided audible instructions.
  • Also in times of old, the stone was used to stanch bleeding. Soldiers carried it to press against wounds when needed. The power to stem bleeding was considered magic, although it may have been a byproduct of the physical pressure of the stone.
  • Women tied heliotrope to their arm to prevent still birth, and later to their thighs to ease labour and prevent hemaorrhaging during childbirth.
  • If you wish to attract money, it is advised to carry a heliotrope with you in a wallet or pocket.
Care and maintenance
Clean with lukewarm soapy water, dry with soft cloth. Since heliotrope has strong grounding energy, it can also be buried in the ground to charge it. Recharge under moonlight and "program" with insence. Oil from time to time.
Best signs
Libra, Pisces, Aries
This gemstone has no similar stones! It must be really unique