Citrine is a natural antidepressant – it brings sunshine into your heart and is charging you with warmth, positivity, self-belief and prosperity.

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Spiritual power
Citrine is a powerful stone that provides sunshine and warmth for the heart. It helps in case of depression, anxiety, and restlessness. Citrine informs the body regarding balance disorders and activates the flow of healing energy inside the organism. It helps to overcome vagueness no matter the situation, which makes it suitable for vulnerable, depressed, sad, and even suicidal people – Citrine can help to find the meaning of life. It helps to decrease self-destruction by providing hope and cheerfulness. It has been noticed that citrine promotes travel, bonding between people, and receiving necessary information.

Citrine helps the possessor to communicate better, to see connections between things, and it also helps to view things through a wider perspective. It improves eloquence and the process of shaping thoughts into ideas, which is why spokesmen used it in ancient Rome.

Citrine helps to embrace everything new and makes it easier to adjust when circumstances start to change. It helps us to preserve a connection with our energy centre at times when we are vulnerable. The stone is connected to gamblers, swindlers, careerists, and brokers, as well as to people who use their hands in their work – jewellers, engravers, magicians and fortune-tellers.

The stone is influenced by Mercury. It is best for people who have Gemini or Aquarius as their zodiac signs. Chakras: solar plexus. It helps to achieve goals in life due to its power and mediation of concentration: it helps you to get a good education, good job, and a profitable business. Sorcerers often use it to perform rituals.
Healing properties
Citrine relieves discomfort caused by diabetes, metabolism, and glands. It strengthens the immune system, intestinal tract, heart, circulation, and nerves. Citrine is good for the liver and kidneys because it removes toxins.
Did you know?
  • Citrine is considered to be gamblers and brokers lucky stone. Well, it actually brings financial abundance to everybody.
  • Great Chinese imperators belived that citrine is natural vitamin for intellect and even in nowadays China, children keep citrine in their pocket durin school exams and teachers during giving lectures.
Care and maintenance
Citrine is one of the crystals that do not need spiritual cleansing. Physically clean under lukewarm water. Don't expose long for heat or sunlight. Doesn't like household chemicals or perfumes.
Best signs
Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo
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