Green amethyst alias Prasiolite

Green amethyst alias Prasiolite

In terms of energy, green amethyst is somewhat similar to amethyst, but its energies add more powerful healing aspects. A spiritual, pure-energy crystal that teaches you to take note of your progress and move boldly on the path to development.

Keywords: plenty, healing, mental growth, willpower, courage, intuition, expression of emotions.

Spiritual power
Green amethyst forges a connection between physical and mental worlds, thereby creating every type of plenty. Stones with a green hue are all tied to heart energy and thus green amethyst has the power to heal a broken heart even when all hope is gone. It teaches you to recognize, accept and share love, and is particularly useful at times when you have started to doubt that love exists at all. If you desire, add some rose quartz to get a combo that will completely open your heart to the world!

Green amethyst is a powerful amplifier of energy and for that reason, a great everyday meditation companion. It supports mental development and has strong salutary properties. It helps you express emotions and is in touch with your heart and crown chakra, opening them both. It stimulates the third eye and helps access introspection. It instils willpower, encourages you to take the necessary steps and notice your progress, encouraging forward movement. Green amethyst connects you to earth energy. It is the healers’ lucky stone.
Healing properties
A fairly universal healer. Stimulates hormone production and balances metabolism. Especially beneficial for headaches and migraines and neuralgic pains and tensions, vertigo and visual and balance disturbances. General tonic, providing protection for and stimulating gland and hormone function and easing diabetes complications. Improves metabolism. Of use for low blood pressure, anaemia and other blood disorders. Has a calming effect on neurasthenia, hysteria, neurotic fears, epilepsy and unusual sensory reactions.
Did you know
  • Also called prasiolite, which in Greek means leek + stone.
  • Mainly found in Brazil and the US.
  • Naturally forms in the earth’s crust through the heating of amethyst in volcanic processes, but can also be created through ordinary heating of amethyst during gem processing. Most green amethysts were originally violet.
Care and maintenance
Charge a few times a month under water, wash with lukewarm soapy water, clean with soft cloth. Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight, household chemicals and perfumes!
Best signs
Scorpio, Capricorn

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