Iolite is known as a stone for muses and for visions – very suitable for artists, writers and other creative persons for inspiration. Keeps away stress!

Keywords: vision, creativity, art, self-belief, intuition, balance, focus, relationships, fulfilment of dreams, getting rid of addictions, weight management

Spiritual power
Psychologically, iolite helps to understand and get rid of the reasons for addiction, and it helps to express your true nature, which has been set free from the expectations of surrounding people. Iolite helps to restore balance and is recommended for people who are disoriented and suffer from lack of motivation, chronic lack of order, and distraction. It helps to take responsibility decisively, and to go through complicated situations. Iolite gives stamina and self-confidence. It helps to get over excessive dependence in partnerships.

Iolite restores the sense of perspective for those who feel that they are “damned“. It inspires a person to start creating order in the middle of chaos by taking small, practical steps. It stimulates astral body and psychic awareness, and develops clairvoyance skills. It is suitable for astral projection, and for working with previous and alternative lives. This stone is a muse which activates visions, the creative part of the mind, the ideas which surpass the ordinary way of thinking. Iolite inspires self-expression through writing, singing, moving, and other creative activities. Iolite is good to use in case of family troubles.

Place it in the living room if the problem is a rivalry between siblings, or that a child feels left out because of a new step-parent. It also helps if your family has expectations of you that are too high, or if your career has been chosen at the family’s demand. It brings travellers home safely. Give a piece of iolite as an amulet to a family member who has to stay away from home for some time or who is emigrating for a longer period of time. Iolite also helps to understand and get rid of the reasons for addiction, letting your true nature come forward, freed from the expectations of others.
Healing properties
Iolite brings good health. It decreases fat deposits in the body and supports the detoxification process and restoration of the liver. The stone helps the pituitary gland, sinuses, and the respiratory system, and soothes migraine headaches.Very good for metabolism,decreses fat depositions in body and decreases cellulite.
Did you know?
  • According to legend, Vikings used iolite slices to reduce glare when checking the sun’s position.
  • Iolite’s name is from the Greek word ios, meaning violet.
Care and maintenance
 If used as jewellery, it is enough to clean once a month under running lukewarm water. From time to time keep under sun- and moonlight for recharging.
Best signs
Pisces, Sagittarius
This gemstone has no similar stones! It must be really unique