Malahchite is the stone of changes and healer of heart. It protects you from negative energies, balances emotions and grounds with peaceful earth energy.

Keywords: Protection stone, deep cleanser, absorbs negative energies, frees from fear and feelings of guilt, activates chakras, tunes for spiritual guidance, visualisation, balance, and harmony, unconditional love, stone of change, spiritual growth, supports changes.

Spiritual power

Malachite influences you on a deeper level of consciousness and has a powerful cleansing effect, helping to free you from fear, feelings of guilt, and self-restrictions. On the emotional body level, it cleanses the aura of negative energy that has been collected.

Malachite promotes inner development and renewal, and cleans the deep subconscious feelings to which our mind does not reach. It is like a green snake whose poison cures and rejuvenates a person. It helps to act decisively and bravely because it disperses all the inner fears and tensions. Malachite helps us meet ourselves. It can be used if you want to become free of old thinking patterns and attitudes that restrict you. It helps to get rid of the old so that the new can emerge. Malachite is related to harmony; therefore, it is suitable for writers, poets, artists, and actors. However, wearing this stone require that you work continuously on yourself.
Healing properties
Because of its copper content, malachite warms and is used for treating rheumatism, asthma, colics, toothache, and women’s diseases. It absorbs pain and negative energy, and cleans the cells. Malachite can be placed on an aching spot to relieve the pain. It is suitable for curing fever, inflammations, and stretches. MALACHITE is a protection stone which is also recommended for pregnant women.
Did you know?
  • In old Egypt, malachite was powdered and used as make-up and paint.
  • Malachite mining was started 4000 years ago.
  • Malachite name comes from Greece "mallows", what means green leaves of plant.
Care and maintenance
Clean both before and after use. Malachite needs tender treatment because it is delicate and easily influenced by acids, water, and heat. If the stone is constantly used for physical or mental cleansing, it gets tired and turns pale. Malachite can be charged if you put it on a mountain crystal, bury it in the ground, or place in sea salt for a day. It is not recommended to clean it with water because over time the stone becomes fragile and loses its shine. Oil it with olive oil from time to time.
Best signs
Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn
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