Meteorite is a mineral of extraterrestrial origin. In essence, this jewellery contains particles of comets, exploded planets, or asteroids that have entered the Earth's atmosphere. These particles are predominantly iron (and may also contain nickel) and have been known to mankind since the earliest times; many ancient cultures considered meteorite fragments to be sacred gifts from other worlds. By the way, another extraterrestrial beauty is moldavite.

Keywords: change, spiritual awakening, connection with the invisible, real potential, gifts, transformation

Spiritual power
Throughout time, meteorites have been endowed with supernatural powers. They are, after all, of extraterrestrial origin and with this cosmic connection they have the ability to connect you with other realities - so say goodbye to boring everyday life! Misfortune also becomes a thing of the past, as the extremely strong energy of the meteorite has the ability to open the doors to success and happiness.

The meteorite is believed to bring out your maximum potential. It has the ability to awaken the talents and skills lying dormant in your subconscious. Get ready for a big and positive transformation - new relationships, new opportunities, new projects, new work ... Meteorite is also a valued companion for those in search of deeper knowledge and higher information. These beautiful and magical pieces of iron help us truly perceive ourselves as part of a larger whole and experience how everything is actually connected.
Healing properties
Cellular healing and renewal.
Did you know
  • Meteorites have different names depending on their composition or the origin of the find: some of the better known meteorites are Gibeon, Chondrite, and Camp del Cielo. The closest to us is the Muonionalusta meteorite which impacted in northern Scandinavia, west of the border between Sweden and Finland, about one million years BCE.
  • Iron meteorite has also had a very practical value throughout history - namely, meteorite was the most prized and valuable material for making weapons.
Care and maintenance
Because meteorite is predominantly iron (may also contain nickel), it should not be stored in water or in a humid room as it may rust. Better cleanse with insence and recharge under sun- and moonlight.
Best signs
There is no direct astrological correlation.
This gemstone has no similar stones! It must be really unique