Moldavite is a rare meteorite rock of extraterrestrial origin. It is a tectite: it was formed through collision between a meteorite and our planet. Basically it is glass formed as a result of interplanetary collision.

Keywords: inspiration, richness, fertility, spiritual development, time travel, inspiration, channelling, energy

Spiritual power
Moldavite has been used since time immemorial as a talisman and amulet for attaining wealth and fertility. It is the second most important stone of the new age - it is said to have the power to transform states of consciousness and maximizing all surrounding vibrations.

Moldavite forges a connection between the oversoul - your own supreme wisdom and also opens the chakras. It can provide an outside of time experience - incite travel to the past or future, specifically for seeing one’s future potential. At the mental level, it gives bursts of creativity and inspiration, and is conducive to coming up with unexpected solutions. Physically, holding moldavite in one’s hand can unleash major energy bursts and gives the possibility of channeling.
Healing powers
Instead of treating an individual disease state, moldavite make a person aware of the causes and sources of the disease and thereafter supports the process of release and returning to health.
Did you know
  • Moldavite is natural glass that formed some 15 million years ago when meteorite collided with Earth. The heat of the collision melted or transformed the surrounding rocks, scattering the new crystals over a wide area. It is found in several places in the world - around the River Moldau in Czechia (Bohemia and Moravia). ​
  • Yet there is no consensus among scientists as to its origin. There is also an opinion that it is an extraterrestrial mineral formed outside Earth and which arrived on Earth through meteorite.
Care and maintenance
Moldavite is one of the powerful crystals that has such higher energy that it is self-cleaning. You should clean it when if you feel it needs cleaning. Use warm soapy water and a cloth.
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