Pietersite is a crystal with an appearance reminiscent of stormy night sky. Also called a storm stone. Usually dark blue, with yellowish, brownish and white stripes and patches, but also occurs in greyish, brownish and pure black varieties. A striking gem for jewellery!

Keywords: awareness, mental development, visions, intuition, clarity, releasing blocks, willpower, truth, cleansing, self-confidence, self-expression, awareness, creativity

Spiritual power
 Pietersite was discovered only recently. Its variegated patterns captivates everyone who esteems nature the artist. Like lightning, it dissolves negative energy and emotional instability, strengthening the will and intuition. Powerful protective stone, particularly against natural forces, has a calming effect on people and animals afraid of storms. Allegedly protects against radiation (computers, cell phones etc.).

If you tend to forget that you are essentially a spiritual creature, pietersite helps remind you of this. As a spiritual power stone, it is a good guide on spiritual journeys, promotes intuition, opens the third eye and stimulates the pineal gland. If you feel a need to raise awareness and forge a connection with the source of your inner wisdom, this crystal will facilitate this journey, too. It’s said that the stone may cause powerful energy charges and the need to exponentially develop your spiritual powers.

The stone supports willpower, clarifies confusion, removes pointless obstacles and frees you from beliefs and unnecessary agreements forced upon you. A suitable stone for truth-seekers, as it supports sincerity and honesty and lets you talk openly about everything and inquire into the reasons that keep you from reaching truth. If you are dwelling on long-ago conflicts or have a knot of suppressed emotions boiling within you somewhere, this crystal will help you rid yourself of them and shake off your dependencies as well. As a enhancer of self-confidence, it is suitable for creative people who doubt in their talents.
Healing properties
Gives energy and power to the physical body, strengthens the nervous system, brain, hypophysis, endocrine system. Used also for headache, stomach ache, breathing difficulties and dizziness. Stimulates the pituitary. Supports the lungs, liver, intestines and nutrient absorption.
Did you know
  • Discovered only recently, in 1962 by Sid Pieters in Namibia.
  • Found in golden, blue and red varieties.
Care and maintenance
If necessary, wash with mild soapy water and rinse carefully so no residue is left. Clean with soft cloth. Charge shortly under sunlight or longer in moonlight. Don't use househould chemicals or perfumes with the stone. Every stone loves admiration!
Best signs
No direct astrological correlation.
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