Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby zoisite is a crystal that combines ruby and zoisite that surrounds the ruby. As such, it unites the voice of the intelligence and heart, helping to express the truth inside oneself and remain independent from others’ opinions. Creates plenty in all walks of life.

Keywords: consciousness, spiritual development, letting go, healing, enjoyments, self-concept, resistance, strength, sexuality, fulfilment of dreams, self-confidence, fertility, calm

Spiritual power
Ruby zoisite is a combination of the two stones in its name, which helps create a very strong energy base, supporting consciousness and mindful learning. With its fantastic purple and deep green colour, the stone’s power gives you access to the soul’s memory. The beautiful play of colour teaches you that if you relax and let go, it is possible to truly enjoy life and create yourself the life of your dreams, the one you actually want to be living.

Ruby zoisite gives you the gift of healing energy, which releases suppressed anger and latent lack of respect for yourself, helping to make progress along the path of healthy self-love and -respect. This wondrous crystal brings hidden feelings to the surface and helps them go freely, filling you with lightness and purity teaching you to appreciate and enjoy life. At stressful times, it gives support and energy in private life and work and raises self-confidence.

The zoisite was named after Baron S. Zois van Edelstein and is superb at turning negative energies into positive. It helps express and actualize its truth, does not allow others to influence you and helps you to refrain from bending yourself to conform to the status quo. The ruby component contributes energy and zest for life and desire for action. It also offers protection against psychological attack and heart energy in the event of vampirism. It helps retain wealth and keep love alive.
Healing properties
Eases depression and panic attacks, strengthens immune system, has a positive effect on sexual centre and fertility and eases menstrual problems. Detoxifies the body.
Did you know
  • This stone is also found in a pink form, in which case it is called Thule.
  • Discovered in 1954 in Tanzania.
Care and maintenance
Wash with lukewarm soapy water. Dry with soft cloth. Do not expose to sunlight or heat for long periods as it may bleach. It is fond of being oiled - this brings out the colour. No perfumes or household chemicals.
Best signs
Aries, Aquarius
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