Sunstone inspires you to live a more positive life – it has small glitter inside that looks like sun sparkles. Actually the shiny bits are pieces of copper and they make this stone just stunning!

Keywords: joy, positivity, life-energy, abundance, wealth, liberation from emotional addictions, antidepressant, helps to stay "no", courage.

Spiritual power
Sunstone and its iron-containing hematite help to channel the healing power of the sun into the body. It helps to relieve melancholy. The stone is connected to the energy of the sun. It symbolizes the inner sun of a person, which constantly shares light with the surrounding.

Sunstone decreases the vitality radiating from the sun and expands thinking by letting you know that all persons have unlimited possibilities for development. The stone helps the possessor to feel strong and confident, enlightens the mind, and helps to overcome melancholy. The authentic stone is good for thinking, because it unifies the energies of the earth and the sun.
Healing properties
Sunstone stimulates the power of self-healing, regulates the autonomic nervous system, and creates harmony for all organs. It heals a chronically sore throat and relieves gastric ulcers. Sunstone decreases depression because it is very helpful when it comes to disorders inflicted by seasons of the year.
Did you know?
  • Sunstone is a member of the feldspar group of minerals ,relative of moonstone and labradorite.
  • In Greece the stone was connected with Sun God, who was giving gifts of luck, abundance and wealth.
Care and maintenance
 Lukewarm soapy water is the best for cleaning this stone. This stone loves sunlight - let it charge! Loves fragrance-free oil from time to time!
Best signs
Pisces, Leo, Libra
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