About us

Welcome to discover the world of WildWoman! We are Marika and Mairi, two sisters and jewelry aficionados from Estonia, and it is our passion to share our love of gems and jewelry.

What it Means to be a Wild Woman?

Being a wild woman is a way of life. It involves rejecting societal expectations that don’t align with what you truly want and having the courage to blaze your own path. It's about being fiercely independent, allowing your spirit to feel free, and having the confidence to express your true essence.

Jewelry and self-expression go hand in hand. To be a wild woman means heralding jewelry like ancient goddesses and adorning yourself with pieces that represent being unapologetically you. Whether it be accessories that emphasise your natural beauty or charms made to symbolise your personal values, your gems are there to remind you of your inner strength every time you wear them.

Delve into Our Realm of Jewelry!

Our webpage is all about fascinating gemstones and jewelry pieces.

We both fell in love with jewelry several years ago and have studied gemmology at the GIA Institute in the United States. We have traveled the World in search of perfect gemstones and worked as jewelry designers.

But what we really love doing most is looking for awesome pieces of jewelry and sharing some of our best finds with you on wildwoman.com. We hope to inspire and educate you on everything gemstones!

So come on in and get ready to explore and experience the world of jewelry and gemstones with us – it’s going to be an incredible journey!