Wildwoman – for you it might be just about jewellery made from nothing but natural materials, but for us it’s one hell of a journey.

How did it all start?

This is the story of two sisters: Marika and Mairi. The two Nordic sisters have been going along similar paths. Building their own serious consultancy businesses, getting the fill of office work, then a long period of hippy-style world travel, seeking new challenges.

Jewellery became a big player in what was almost a fairy-tale in Bali in 2009. Marika visited a clairvoyant who told her with unquestionable confidence, “Marika, you are a jewellery designer. One day you will have a big jewellery brand!” Marika was floored by these “news”.

Living in the Western world, we’ve grown used to setting constraints for ourselves, not going beyond our professional skills. At that moment in 2009, becoming a designer seemed like a big joke to Marika. But she just started drawing, and everything happened on its own – before long, she suddenly found she had a portfolio of drawings, she’d found a young and capable silversmith, the first production designs were completed, and she enjoyed her first sales.

Soon Mairi became her companion on trips for seeking design inspiration and the sisters forged a strong creative bond. Today they together are the heart and soul of Wildwoman. Mari is the sense, Marika is the sensibility. Both are the designers and both have become highly educated gemologists.

Why do we do what we do?

It’s actually not only about jewellery.

For us Wildwoman is about proving to ourselves that life is in our own hands. That “we can do it!” (greetings to Nike!). And do it despite very serious obstacles, such as temporary mood swings, a friend saying “you are too old for this shit”, perfect moms saying “this is not how you should raise your twins”, Vogue saying “you have no clue about what style is” and also despite the prices of silver rising substantially, subcontractors not keeping their promises, gin cocktails being shitty in a bar that should be the best in town etc.

We hope that our example will encourage other women who tackle similar challenges as we do. So that they in turn could encourage us by their good example when the horizon happens to become blurry for us.

What do we believe in?

We strongly believe that:

  • No matter what choice or decision needs to be made, we should forget about our fears.
  • Not just us, but everyone should live life to the fullest, break the limits and routine, try out new things and live with passion.
  • No one, not even us should get stuck in stupid sentences like “this is not how...” “...things should get done,” “...a woman should behave”, “...a woman at age X should look like” etc.
  • We should always keep playing. Yes, you too!

What do we do?

And now, finally, back to what is in the very centre of what we do – the jewellery.

Wildwoman’s jewellery selection is as varied as life, everything can be found here.

Well, not exactly everything. Here you will find only natural materials – silver, a pinch of gold, rare and less rare gemstones, pearls.

Our own designs.

Jewellery that is designed to last over time.