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  1. How to match a necklace with the neckline?

    How to match a necklace with the neckline?

    A necklace is a lifesaver when you need to add colour and sparkle to your appearance. With a gleaming necklace, you can turn your dress from day to night in just a second. But how to choose the right necklace?

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  2. 7 crystal jewels perfect for presents


    The easiest way to pick a present is when the person has dropped a hint or two about what she needs. But when there are not hints, you need to figure it out for yourself. A pretty piece of jewellery will leave no woman untouched, but how to find such jewellery?

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  3. How to Choose the Right Jewellery For Any Outfit or Situation


    Jewellery is the easiest way for a quick change in appearance. Even if you are wearing the same dress, you can easily bring your look from day to evening or simply give new life to your outfit. Here are nine principles to ensure a stylish look with jewellery.

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  4. 8 tips to pick jewellery for a gift


    Even if women say that they do not wish to receive anything as a gift, jewellery always brings a smile on their face. But how to find the right one in the huge selection? Here’s your cheat sheet!

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  5. Crystals to boost relationships and attract love

    jewellery for love

    At times, we all carry out a theoretical relationship inventory. Not only in our partnership but also at large – relations with our friends, family, and, above all, with ourselves. Lets talk about crystals that support your relations with the world around you.

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  6. What determines the value of a gemstone?


    Have you ever thought about the price of the gem adorning your ring? Here is a brief overview of factors determening the price of a gemstone.

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  7. Why does one amethyst cost 3 euros and the other 300 euros?


    The most frequent question that we have been asked over the years is as follows, “Why does a large rose quartz cost 2 euros in a crystal shop and a much smaller one in your silver ring 75 euros?”

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  8. 10 crystal jewels that every woman should have

    10 crystal jewels that every woman should have

    The world of gemstones is colourful and exciting. When talking about gems, we are mostly reminded of diamonds and other precious stones, but now also numerous interesting semi-precious stones have found their way to jewellery. Which ones should you get and what should you know about them?

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  9. From businesswomen to jewellery gourmands – the story of WildWoman

    From businesswomen to jewellery gourmands – the story of WildWoman

    The force behind the WildWoman jewellery shop is Marika and Mairi – two sisters from Saaremaa who search the entire world for awesome semi-precious stones, set them in jewellery and adorn all like-minded women with them. Let’s meet them!

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  10. Why does silver jewellery darken over time?

    Why does silver jewellery darken over time?

    If you have silver jewellery but have not worn it for some time, you may discover that your silver beauties have turned grey and dull over time. It may help a little if you understand why silver tarnishes.

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