Crystals for Libra: what they should wear and what to give them as a gift

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About Libra

If you were born from September 23 to October 22, congrats, you’re a Libra. 

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libras are blessed with an insatiable desire for everything to be as harmonious and aesthetically appealing as possible. They are charming and possess a natural ability to captivate those around them with their magnetic charisma and effortless grace. If each zodiac sign was assigned one special purpose in life, that of Librans would be to bring beauty, grace, and a touch of diplomacy into a world often in desperate need of balance.   

Venus, in her infinite love for beauty and art, has imbued Libras with a keen eye for all things pleasing to the senses. For them, beauty isn’t a mere superficial preference; it’s like oxygen they breathe to survive. As connoisseurs of all things gorgeous they meander through life, indulging in artistic masterpieces and adorning their existence with symphonies of colors. Shopping for clothes is one of their favorite pastimes and every time they emerge, it’s always with the new perfect outfit. 

Subtle charm and sincere compassion make Libras utterly captivating and near-impossible to resist. What really sets them apart is how deeply they understand and appreciate everyone around them – they make you feel seen, truly heard, and valued. Bestowers of kindness, gentleness, and understanding, Libras make the world a sunnier and happier place, one diplomatic gesture at a time. 

Yet, there is a side to the personality of Librans that leans towards pleasing others. Earning those nods of approval and avoiding anything even vaguely resembling confrontation on a daily basis is no walk in the park. Dancing to the ever-changing rhythm of others’ expectations can take a toll on the sturdiest of souls and behind Libra’s glittering smile there is often a weary soul trying to keep up with the world’s longest list of preferences. 

Indecision is Libra’s trademark, just like the impressive collection of half-completed lists and pro-con charts scattered around their living space. But in the magical world of Libra-land, indecisiveness is less a curse and more a testament to their undying quest for balance and harmony. After all, why pick a favorite meal when you could always take the diplomatic route and say, “I love all cuisines equally”?

Best Crystals for Libras

Each sign of the zodiac is believed to have distinct gemstones that are best aligned to who they are and where they need to go. If you are looking for perfect crystals for Libra, you have a wide choice ranging from somewhat randomly assigned birthstones to recommended gemstones the unique energy of which is likely to resonate with the Libra personality. 

Libra Birthstones – Sapphire, Tourmaline and Opal

The list of modern birthstones was published in 1912 by the National Association of Jewellers according to which the gemstone for Libras born in September is Sapphire and for the ones born in October – Tourmaline. This differs from the traditional October birthstone featured in Tiffany & Co’s poem published already in 1870 and recommending Opal instead of Tourmaline. These are their verses for Libras born in September and August: 

“A maiden born when autumn leaves

Are rustling in September’s breeze

A Sapphire on her brow should bind–

‘Twill cure diseases of the mind.


October’s child is born for woe,

And life’s vicissitudes must know;

But lay an Opal on her breast

And hope will lull those woes to rest.”


Libras are all about balance and Sapphire is the perfect gemstone to help them achieve it. With its ability to align physical, mental, and spiritual realms, along with its restorative power of serenity and peace of mind, it can help Libras achieve the harmony they strive for.  

Sapphire is also known for its ability to bring desires into reality. Having this powerful tool for manifestation is a dream come true for the creative and ambitious Libras. They can use the gem’s transformative energies to bring their visions, whether personal or professional, to fruition. Sapphire acts as a pathfinder, guiding their imaginative minds through the manifestation process, eliminating self-imposed limitations and hindering beliefs.

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Tourmaline is one of the best crystals for grounding. By establishing and maintaining a connection with the Earth's energy, Libras can access feelings of serenity, undisturbed harmony and equilibrium. Moreover, grounding enhances intuition which can be helpful in decision-making for Libras.  

The struggle with self-doubt and anxiety is real for Libras. Their excessive worry about what others think of them combined with their desire to be seen as likable and attractive, often leads them to question their own worth and abilities. Tourmaline helps Libras to move away from worry into a healthy mindset. By wearing it this zodiac sign has an easier time maintaining their balanced energy and taking on the world with confidence. 

The scales that represent Libras perfectly illustrate their constant struggle for balance, equality, and, of course, their inability to make quick decisions. It’s not that they don’t want to be more decisive but their desire to ensure everyone’s opinion is considered and their need to be as fair as possible makes everything a lot more complicated. Encouraging decisiveness, Tourmaline provides Libras with the confidence and clarity they need to help them in their decision-making process. 

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Associated with Venus, Libra’s ruling planet, Opal is an ideal conduit for channeling Venus’ energies. By wearing this mesmerizing gemstone, Libras can invite the nurturing vibrations of Venus to flow through their being, delicately infusing their lives with love, empathy, and positive vibes. 

Carrying the energy of freedom and independence, Opal brings a sense of liberation to Libras that can positively impact their personal growth and self-discovery. As they explore their individuality, Libras may become less reliant on external validation and more likely to make decisions based on their own needs and desires. In turn, this newfound independence fosters healthier relationships and a more authentic connection with oneself and others.

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Recommended Crystals for Libra

Recommended crystals or Zodiac stones are supposed to bring out your best and help you overcome your challenges, based on your signs' characteristics. The selection includes an array of options, making it possible for every Libra to find a stone that they feel connected to and gravitate towards. 


Lapis Lazuli, the Stone of New Beginnings

Lapis Lazuli is a trusted ally for the balanced and harmonious Libra. This captivating blue gemstone not only resonates with Libra’s penchant for fairness, but also enhances their ability to remain open and receptive to different perspectives. It empowers their diplomatic nature and assists them in bridging the gap in those awkward, argumentative situations. 

Believed to release stress and usher in a sense of peace, Lapis Lazuli provides solace to the ever-busy Libras who often find themselves juggling multiple tasks and catering for the needs of others. 

Libras’ love for peace and harmony may sometimes hold them back from embracing necessary change. It’s a well-known fact that a Libra would rather endure the trials of an unsatisfactory job or relationship gone bad than risk the dreaded confrontation. With the power of Lapis Lazuli, Libras can become more aware of their own desires and needs. The improved ability to assess situations objectively and make decisions that are in their best interest will help them to take control over their lives and create positive changes for themselves.

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Aquamarine, the Stone of Serenity

For Libras, who need to use a lot of cognitive energy on making lists of pros and cons in their minds, Aquamarine is the key to calming their overactive brains! This zodiac sign really needs a break from the constant dialogues in their heads and this gemstone helps to calm the mind for mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It can aid in lowering stress levels, improving concentration, and encouraging creativity – all important things when it comes to living Libra’s best life. 

Aquamarine’s remarkable ability to bring about closure on multiple levels is particularly beneficial for Libras, who need all the help they can get to find peace and move forward after a conflict, disappointment, or loss. Oftentimes, closure is all about digging deep into self, reflecting on the situation, and ultimately releasing lingering doubts, questions, and regrets. The gemstone’s tranquil energies comfort and soothe, allowing Libras to resolve nagging conflicts and return to the much-desired equilibrium. 

A beautiful gemstone, aquamarine serves splendidly for a variety of jewelry uses and wearing pieces with this gemstone is the best way to make use of its positive properties.

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Tiger’s Eye, the Stone of Self-Discipline

Tiger’s eye is a powerful gemstone with many benefits, but it can be particularly useful for Libras. People born under this zodiac sign have a natural tendency to experience high levels of stress and anxiety which Tiger’s eye has the power to cleanse away. This warm, radiant stone serves as a reminder for Libras that they, too, deserve the comfort and support they so graciously offer to everyone else. 

Blessed with copious amounts of generosity, kindness and diplomacy there is one thing that Libras lack: a touch of fierceness. However, introducing Tiger’s Eye into their lives may help to bring forth both assertiveness and boldness in these otherwise peace-loving people. By embracing their courageous side, Libras will find it much easier to take on life’s challenges – be it finally saying no to that annoying office fundraiser or ending the Tupperware saga with Gladys from next door. 

In the vibrant, ever-evolving world where contrasting ideas and viewpoints often collide, Libras have their hands full in their quest for the ultimate just solutions. Tiger’s eye can be a great tool for this zodiac sign in finding equilibrium between the extremes. This gemstone’s calming energies can bring about clarity and order to the tumultuous thoughts, helping the harmony-driven Libras assess and choose the best courses of action. 

Tiger’s eye can be carved into almost any kind of jewelry and wearing a piece of this gemstone provides a powerful connection with the stone’s energy.

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Moonstone, the Stone of New Beginnings

Fluent in the art of conversation and diplomacy, Libras occasionally struggle to express their true thoughts and feelings. Due to their innate desire to avoid conflict, they prefer to remain quiet on many occasions, but especially when it comes to saying “no”. Moonstone is known for facilitating self-expression enabling Libras to overcome their hesitations and speak their mind with confidence. 

As a symbol of compassion and balance, Moonstone resonates beautifully with the zodiac sign that seeks peace in every aspect of their lives. This gemstone is helpful at reducing stress levels, it soothes the mind, and gives Libras the serenity they desire. 

Libra’s mind is constantly in motion, working tirelessly to find balance and harmony in all aspects of life. By calming the constant mental buzz, Moonstone allows Libras to not only make better decisions, but also to remain at their harmonious best. The sense of inner peace and serenity are essential for Libras who are constantly seeking equilibrium in the world full of chaos.

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Ametrine, the Stone of Harmony

Ametrine, the sophisticated lovechild of Amethyst and Citrine, truly understands Libras’ craving for balance. Known as the Stone of Harmony, this gemstone graces its wearer with the calming energies of Amethyst and the invigorating powers of Citrine. Mirroring their penchant for equilibrium, this mesmerizing gemstone perfectly complements Libras’ pursuit of all things beautiful and just. 

Holding the unique power to support individuals in taking control of their lives, Ametrine is especially significant for those born under the Libra zodiac sign. Often characterized by their indecisive nature, Libras may find it difficult at times to chart out their own course. Ametrine nudges them towards grabbing the elusive reins of life and being more decisive and steadfast in their pursuits.  

ametrine necklace
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Ametrine earrings
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Labradorite, the Stone of Intuition

Labradorite is highly regarded as a gemstone for strengthening intuition and enhancing their intuitive abilities can be very beneficial for Libras. It enables them to tap into their subconscious wisdom, which in turn aids them in quickly understanding others’ intentions and motives. Heightened intuition also guides Libras in their decision-making process, allowing them to make snap decisions on what will serve them best. 

The vibrant energy of Labradorite empowers Libras to tap into their inner strength when it comes to taking significant steps in life. It pushes them to embrace their individuality, boosting their confidence and helping to ward off any self-doubt that may attempt to cloud their judgment. By fostering a resilient belief in their own abilities, Labradorite truly has the power to bring out the best in Libras.

Labradorite necklace
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