9 Best Crystals for Virgo– what should they wear and what to give them as a gift

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About Virgo

If you were born from August 23 to September 22, congrats, you’re a Virgo.

The governing planet, Mercury, has given Virgos an analytical mind, strong communication skills, and detail-oriented nature. They are the meticulous masterminds of the zodiac world who have an uncanny ability to analyze every situation with the precision of a Shakespearean scholar and whose memory for details reaches Sherlock Holmes-like levels.  

Virgos are characterized by an innate desire for perfection and every strand of their DNA is designed with an unwavering commitment to precision and efficiency. With a magnifying glass in one hand and a lengthy to-do list in the other, no detail is too insignificant to escape their scrupulous eye. Be it the proper fold of a napkin or the exact amount of milk in their Earl Grey tea, nothing can deviate from its precise measurements in the world of Virgos. 

Intellectually, Virgos are sharp, critical thinkers with a vast store of knowledge, due to their natural curiosity and efficient learning abilities. Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they also possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, making them particularly adept at expressing complex thoughts and ideas clearly. 

When it comes to relationships, you’ll never find a partner more dedicated to improving every aspect of your life than Virgo. They are the astrological Mary Poppins of relationships and having a Virgo standing by your side is like having a personal trainer, therapist, nutritionist, and a life coach all rolled into one impeccably dressed package. From helping you maintain a tidy living space to providing careful, well-thought-out advice, they will go above and beyond to ensure you’re living your best life. 

Virgos can sometimes be accused of being overly critical, but they wear this title like a badge of honor. After all, their discerning eye is what ensures that their world is running at maximum efficiency. On the downside, their critical nature can steer them towards being judgmental, which can alienate those around them if not kept in check. Learning to balance their criticism, both towards self and others, with the understanding that flaws and imperfections are inherent aspects of life and human nature, is a vital lesson for Virgos to learn. 


Best Crystals for Virgos

Each sign of the zodiac is believed to have distinct gemstones that are best aligned to who they are and where they need to go. If you are looking for perfect crystals for Virgo, you have a wide choice ranging from somewhat randomly assigned birthstones to recommended gemstones the unique energy of which is likely to resonate with the Virgo personality. 


Virgo Birthstones – Sardonyx, Peridot and Sapphire

The list of modern birthstones was published in 1912 by the National Association of Jewellers according to which the gemstone for Virgos born in August is Peridot and for the ones born in September – Sapphire. This differs from the traditional August birthstone featured in Tiffany & Co’s poem published already in 1870 and recommending Sardonyx instead of Peridot. These are their verses for Virgos born in August and September: 

“Wear a Sardonyx or for thee

No conjugal felicity;

The August born without this stone,

‘Tis said, must live unloved and lone.


A maiden born when autumn leaves

Are rustling in September’s breeze

A Sapphire on her brow should bind–

‘Twill cure diseases of the mind.”

With its myriad of properties that align perfectly with the personality traits and emotional needs of Virgos, Peridot is undeniably the perfect gemstone for this earth sign. Virgos are known for their intelligence, practicality, and attention to detail, but they can also be quite self-critical and prone to anxiety. The healing energies of Peridot can greatly contribute to the overall well-being and personal growth of Virgos, leading to a more fulfilling life. 

Peridot’s capability to reduce anxiety and promote calmness is indeed a boon for Virgos, who frequently experience worry and stress due to their perfectionist tendencies. The soothing energies of this gemstone allow Virgos to release negative thoughts and emotions, helping them to find inner peace and harmony. 

The vibrant Peridot inspires strength, vitality, and courage and spreads the feel-good vibes like no other. Virgos, who can sometimes feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and pressure, may find solace in the invigorating properties of this crystal. And what could be better than a gem that helps to channel joy and happiness?

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Sapphire is the ultimate support system for the astute, methodical Virgo. This zodiac sign has a tendency to be tightly wound and the majestic gemstone has been hailed as the panacea for the rigid Virgo temperament. The vibrant blue hue of Sapphire spreads tranquility, serenity, and spiritual elevation, releasing tension with the ease of a skilled massage therapist. 

There’s nothing Virgos dislike more than disorder and chaos – in the world around them as well as in the sacred sanctuary of their brilliant minds. Despite their deep disapproval of it, Virgos are, however, not immune to overthinking and their minds can get as crowded as a New York subway during rush hour. Sapphire can support this earth sign in the process of emptying the mind of random thoughts and restoring mental clarity and unadulterated focus.

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Sardonyx, the gemstone of order and peace, makes Virgos swoon in delight. This glorious, multi-colored crystal infuses life with stability and tranquility, acting as grounding force and transforming Virgos from worrisome warriors into zen-filled creatures they truly are at heart. 

Virgos, often tagged as perfectionists, can sometimes have a hard time finding that immaculate equilibrium between their personal and romantic lives. Sardonyx’s power to bring lasting happiness and stability to relationships can, however, help them find a sense of harmony, even if their partner still stubbornly refuses to put their shoes in the right spot. Loyalty, commitment and building strong relationships are among the most important objectives for most Virgos and they can appreciate any help they get in that department. 


Recommended Crystals for Virgo

Recommended crystals or Zodiac stones are supposed to bring out your best and help you overcome your challenges, based on your signs' characteristics. The selection includes an array of options, making it possible for every Virgo to find a stone that they feel connected to and gravitate towards. 


Moss Agate, the Stone of Abundance

As everyone knows, Virgos thrive in order and precision. Nothing escapes their scrutiny, be it a single crumb on an otherwise pristine kitchen counter or the minutest misalignment in their alphabetically ordered spice rack. Their astronomical standards often hinder their own peace of mind and this is where Moss Agate can be of major assistance. A shining beacon of balance, patience, and self-acceptance, Moss Agate encourages Virgos to open their hearts and minds and to embrace the world around them even if it’s not always spic-and-span. 

No one is harder on Virgos… than Virgos themselves. The constant self-criticism and striving for perfection can be exhausting and the self-esteem issues are almost always present. The healing energies of Moss Agate grant Virgos the ability to nurture self-love and a stronger sense of self worth. It encourages them to embrace their unique qualities and move forward confidently on their life paths. 

Moss Agate is said to be an embodiment of hope and trust, two traits that don’t come easy for the skeptical Virgo. Always armed with a raised eyebrow and that “are you kidding me?” look, gaining Virgo’s trust may seem like climbing Mount Everest. However, behind that skeptical exterior is a heart yearning for love and companionship. With its harmony-inducing and trust-kindling powers, Moss Agate can help Virgos to let their guard down just a little to let people in and open themselves up for love.

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Luxurious rose gold ring with Moss Agate
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Sterling silver Moss Agate necklace
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Silver ring with Moss Agate
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Citrine, the Stone of Success

Citrine possesses several unique characteristics that make it an ideal gemstone to complement and enhance Virgo’s strengths while addressing their challenges.  

One of the key attributes of Citrine is its ability to boost self-confidence, a major advantage for Virgos who are often modest and shy by nature. Although their humbleness can be admirable, it can sometimes hinder their own self-growth and the pursuit of new experiences. By harnessing the sparkling power of Citrine, Virgos can find the courage to break free from their self-doubt and start embracing their true potential. 

Citrine’s association with positivity and enthusiasm works wonders for Virgos who are prone to harsh self-criticism, perfectionism, and worry. The glistening gemstone brings a ray of sunshine into every Virgo’s life, illuminating the mental pathways for them to accept imperfections and maintain a positive attitude even in challenging situations.

Another aspect that sets Citrine apart is its power to support imagination and creative pursuits. Even though Virgos are better known for their analytical aptitude, enhanced creativity helps them to adapt to diverse situations and think outside the box. The combination of creative and structured thinking can lead to innovative breakthroughs that propel Virgos towards personal and professional success.

citrine bracelet
White gold curb chain bracelet with Citrine
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Red Jasper, the Stone of Endurance

Beneath the cool and collected exterior of most Virgos there is a nervous Nelly, perpetually at war with the universe and its nefarious unpredictability. Having all the “what ifs” circulating through their heads can be an exhausting way of living and this is where the wonders of Red Jasper come into play. This remarkable gemstone has a calming energy that can help Virgos combat their worrisome thoughts and flourish without the weight of their own nervousness holding them back. 

Characterized by its stunning deep red hue, Red Jasper embodies supreme physical and emotional strength, which resonates with the earthly and pragmatic Virgo temperament. Industrious and hardworking, people born under this zodiac sign frequently engage in tasks that demand substantial tenacity and persistence. Red Jasper can provide the necessary vigor and fortitude, allowing Virgos to accomplish their goals with unwavering steadiness and determination. 

Another advantage of Red Jasper for Virgos is its ability to promote positivity and motivation. This gemstone’s radiant energy inspires Virgos to maintain an optimistic outlook and overcome pessimistic tendencies. It encourages self-confidence and self-belief, essential elements in achieving success and personal growth. 

A beautiful gemstone, red jasper serves splendidly for a variety of jewelry uses and wearing pieces with this Aries gemstone is the best way to make use of its positive properties.

Red Jasper Bracelet
This Lady Bug bracelet with Red Jasper is the perfect piece
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Red jasper Earrings
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Amethyst, the Natural Tranquilizer

As one of the most practical and analytical zodiac signs, Virgos often face challenges related to stress, overthinking, and emotional turmoil. Amethyst’s numerous attributes provide support for this earth sign in coping with these issues, effectively enhancing their overall well-being.  

Virgos are famous for being perfectionists, constantly analyzing and organizing their surroundings to achieve flawlessness. This perpetual pursuit of excellence can take a toll on their mental state, causing anxiety and restlessness. Amethyst's gentle energy soothes the harsh critical nature of Virgos, allowing them to embrace self-acceptance and forgiveness.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos possess exceptional communication skills. The enhanced clarity and inner strength provided by Amethyst further empower Virgos in their articulation of thoughts and ideas while also promoting their decision-making abilities. The stone also possesses transformative powers, dispelling negative emotions like anger and fear, which may create obstacles in forming meaningful relationships.

When you need the balancing powers of amethyst, wear this gemstone in the form of jewelry that is guaranteed to be always sophisticated and classy. Amethyst’s beautiful lilac color makes it a perfect crystal for earrings, bracelets and statement rings. 

amethyst earrings
14K rose gold earrings with amethyst
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amethyst ring
14K rose gold amethyst and diamond cocktail ring
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amethyst necklace
Amethyst pendant and 14K yellow gold chain
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Green Jade, the Stone of Luck

Virgos don’t really subscribe to the idea of luck but rather fold their sleeves and dive headfirst into the trenches of life. They don’t have the time to sit idly and twiddle their thumbs, waiting for chance and good fortune to roll their way like a runaway wheel of cheese in a quirky race down a hill. But despite their propensity for hard work and dedication, Virgos, too, deserve a touch of good luck now and again. 

The glistening Green Jade is reputed to usher in a wealth of luck and happiness. Bestowing a side order of fortune upon Virgos doesn’t compromise their commitment to industriousness; rather, it adds a sparkling pinch of serendipity to remind them that sometimes the universe wants to applaud their efforts by giving them a hand. 

Green Jade’s ability to foster personal growth is another factor that makes it a perfect crystal for Virgos. This earth sign constantly strives for self-improvement, something that this crystal can bolster by resolving feelings of guilt and encouraging reflection. With its stabilizing influence, Green jade motivates Virgos to confront their past and cultivate a healthier outlook for the future, resulting in profound transformation.  

Green Jade earrings
Green Jade earrings with Pearls
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green jade bracelet
Green Jade and Silver Bracelet
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green jade earrings
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Amazonite, the Stone of Hope

As a powerful source of clarity and positivity, Amazonite supports Virgos in numerous facets of their lives, helping them to tap into their inner strength and supporting them in their journey towards self-improvement, both professionally and personally.  

Amazonite’s ability to help Virgos see different points of view is particularly useful for this single-minded earth sign. By promoting openness and understanding, this gemstone enables Virgos to be more accepting of alternative opinions and appreciate the diverse perspectives of those around them. With Amazonite’s power, they are whisked into a world of healthy communication, leading to improved relationships and fewer misunderstandings. 

The physical properties of Amazonite complement the earthy nature of Virgos. With its beautiful green hue and soothing energy, this crystal connects them to their element and earth's innate energies, enhancing their overall sense of grounding and stability. It also resonates with the heart chakra, which governs love, compassion, and forgiveness, making it a powerful tool for Virgos to elevate their emotional intelligence and deepen their connections with others.

Amazonite earrings
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Amazonite earrings
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