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Silver was one of the earliest materials used in jewellery production. One reason traditional silver jewellery is widespread around the world is the material’s versatility. The distinguished sparkle of silver allows for a great variety of jewellery, something for every taste – from delicate silver filigree to powerful magical jewellery statement pieces.

Although no one is certain when the first silver jewellery was made, archaeologists have discovered silver ornaments as old as 4,000 years. Silver has always been thought to have healing qualities. Hippocrates wrote about silver’s ability to thwart infections already 400 years before Christ. It is still unknown how exactly silver jewellery repels bacteria, but silver jewellery has been used since ancient times for healing purposes.

Examples of where and how silver gained a medicinal reputation can be found in different native tribes.. We like the saying that a powerful woman is heard before she is seen…

The story of our jewellery shop began with traditional silver jewellery, which captivated us until we finally began to buy them for ourselves and offer to others. The first products in our online store were handmade silver ornaments from Bali. Click here to read about the birth of our jewellery shop.

Even today, all our silver jewellery is handmade. Some of the more exceptional pieces are the work of Bali silversmiths. We travel extensively around the world and bring back breath-taking jewellery from wherever we go – India, Greece, Lithuania, Morocco, Africa… from every corner of the planet. To ensure high quality we regularly test our jewellery at the European Union accredited official Assay office.

Silver jewellery is not only a great healer of the body, but more importantly, the ornament repairs our emotional body – giving us confidence, a feeling of worth, great mood… And of course, making us radiantly beautiful when we wear the jewellery.

To preserve the power of the silver jewellery, and to keep them beautiful, it is essential to maintain the silver correctly. If they are not worn, silver jewellery deteriorates – this is expected. Jewellery care comes to the rescue here.

Powerful gemstones give many of our jewellery their power and radiance. We only use natural stones! Just feel how silver jewellery and crystals join to protect you and find your own personal magic piece of jewellery here!


WildWoman silver jewellery – find your personal power jewellery!



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