Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Cleaning and maintenance of silver jewellery is very important for ensuring a long lifespan. All of WildWoman’s silver jewellery is 925 sterling silver and gold jewellery starts at 585 gold. These metals will last centuries! If you take good care of your jewellery, you can even bequeath it to your grandchildren.

WildWoman sells Estonia’s largest selection of silver and gold jewellery, studded with natural semi-precious stones - crystals. We use only genuine stones, which are tested regularly at EU certified assay office. Natural stones require well-informed care in order to tap into their power for your good.

Polishing and caring for silver jewellery

  • Remember that silver is a very soft metal. It can be bent with little effort. This can make cleaning intricate jewellery easier as it can be bent ever so slightly to reach every area. Still, avoid exerting sudden substantial force, as it can break an item!
  • When silver is not in use, it will oxidize, becoming tarnished. It happens particularly quickly in a leather pouch, wooden boxes, in damp conditions. In such a case, you will inevitably have to polish the silver if you want to start wearing your beauties.
  • On some people’s skin, silver sometimes becomes dark. This is caused by perspiration, or seawater and a humid climate during summer. Polishing the jewellery off will help .

It isn’t hard to care for silver jewellery. In a few minutes, you can have it looking like new. But before you start polishing jewellery that has gemstones, read the material below about cleaning gemstones.

  • Jewellery care doesn’t always require special supplies. To begin, just use normal toothpaste and a soft toothbrush to clean silver.
  • Just rubbing with a soft cloth will remove thinner oxidation layers. The best result will come from use of a special silver polishing cloth, but cotton is also fine.
  • Today there are many silver cleaning products available commercially. We recommend silver polish paste, you apply to a cloth and rub into the silver (be careful with any stones and crystals!). Then rinse with soapy water and buff to a shine. 
  • There are also cleaning compounds you can immerse jewellery in. But BE CAREFUL - DON’T USE THIS for jewellery that include crystals and which is oxidized! As the solution is very strong, the jewellery piece can lose its attractive appearance. 
  • Classic household items like aluminium, salt and soda plus hot water are also effective. The aluminium can be in the form of baking foil or an insulated box for hot food. The method is more time-consuming than the ones above, but it works!
  • You can clean silver using only soda and rubbing with a soft abrasive sponge.



Most excavated crystals are older than anyone would guess. And their road from earth’s crust to your jewel box was the result of many people - miners, gemcutters, sellers, jewellers. Because crystals are capable of storing energy, it would be wise to clean the crystal jewellery off, inside and out, after you acquire it.

Although every stone has its own characteristic discharging and charging techniques (read about them under the stone meanings), there are some universal techniques.

  • WATER – running water

    Running and flowing water is one of the most effective cleansers. Particularly good is having access to a natural body of water like a stream, river or the sea. If you use water to clean your stones, imagine how the waves and currents wash away all of the energies stored in the stone. If it’s winter and nature is dormant, the kitchen tap will do the trick - your intent and intention are what counts !

  • FIRE – candle flame

    Purification by fire… one of the most powerful of all time. Hold your jewellery above the candle flame and move it in circles, anticlockwise. At the same time, manifest the desire that your stone/crystal become free of all other energies that do not serve your higher interests. It’s good to use a candle that has not previously been used for anything else.

  • AIR – breath or incense

    Hold your crystal jewellery with both hands and exhale on and around the stone slowly and deeply. It isn’t important how long to do it but rather thinking about the purification of the crystal and concentrating all of your energy and attention to that task. Peruvian shamans have a great tradition of before wearing someone else’s current or former piece of jewellery, they blow on it three times to dispel the foreign energies.
    If you use incense smoke or sage, do the same as you would with a candle flame, making anticlockwise circles with the item and asking the energies that don’t serve you to leave the crystal.


Silver jewellery with crystals are already full of very powerful forces - the power of the crystal will become even more amplified thanks to the properties of silver. But women like to be doted on, and thus there is no greater joy than letting Mother Nature caress crystal jewellery from time to time.

  • Touched by the sun

    The most obvious source of energy for crystals and everything on Earth is the Sun. Many crystal experts say that just a few hours of sunlight will wipe away all trace of cloudiness from the cosmic facets of crystals and fill them with a pure and bright light. But please note that the following minerals do not like prolonged direct sunlight: amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, aventurine, celestite, citrine, fluorite, kunzite, rose quartz, sapphire and smoky quartz. But all other stones can be left outside or on the window sill to charge…and always manifest the wish that they regain their natural power.

  • Moonlight

    Crystals start glowing brighter if you leave them in silvery moonlight. A waxing or full moon, which symbolizes growth and achievements, is usually better than the light of a waning moon. Leave the crystal outside in summer or on a windowsill in winter…and always manifest the wish that they regain their natural power.

  • Mother Earth

    If the crystal in your jewellery seems tired and dull, allow it to go home to Mother Earth for a few days. Take them back to their natural habitat - bury them in the ground or, in winter, in a flower pot. It is also wise to place them in a paper bag or piece of cloth so they don’t get dirty. This will allow your precious item to become reborn. But just remember where you buried it...:)


You can turn your jewellery into a talisman that always protects you or you can give it a clear goal or mission, such as love or better health or professional success. Of course, don’t just put all your stock in the crystal. You have to also take concrete steps in real life. The crystal’s power will support you but won’t replace you… :) To program the crystal to support you, do the following.

  • Hold it in your hand. Alternatively, take a new candle and make a few circles CLOCKWISE above the flame.
  • Visualize your goal or wish that you want the gem to help you and support you with. Be precise and clear about your wish.
  • Now imagine how with each exhalation, with each clockwise circle above the flame, your goal or wish goes into the crystal.
  • Articulate your wish and say it out loud. If you program the stone to produce wealth, you can say, “Material wealth be unto me!” For protection, say, “I am protected and I feel safe.”
  • If you like, you can write down your wish or goal and put the paper under the stone overnight.

And this is how you get a much more POWERFUL GEMSTONE!

Source: Corrine Kenner, Crystals for Beginners