Crystals, semi-precious and precious stones, pearls and seashells have, from the very beginning, decorated both royal heads and simple indigenous peoples. Legends and myths about jewels travel around. But what is the difference between a semi-precious and precious stone? And which one should you choose?

The only real difference between a semi-precious and precious stone is just an agreement. Traditionally, only diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire are considered precious stones. All other jewellery stones are semi-precious. But this does not make them any less valuable. Since no new semi-precious stones will come to Earth, their supply is limited, and the price will always grow. For that reason, silver jewellery adorned with semi-precious stones is also an investment.

More important than a stone’s trade value is whether it is natural, synthetic or even forged. A natural semi-precious stone originates from the result of a natural processes, without the aid of humans. In its natural state, the stones are expressionless and look like any other stone. Only skilful cutting, smoothing and polishing turns them into shiny jewellery-worthy stones.

Even natural jewellery stones sometime need additional refinement to bring out their real beauty. For example, they are heated to bring out their colour, cracks are filled with wax or oil and so on. This does not mean the stone is no longer natural. It is still a natural semi-precious stone, not grown in labs from synthetic stones or just made from glass, which has been processed to look like a crystal (Swarovski, for example). No artificial stone comes anywhere near the value of a natural stone it is imitating.

The WildWoman store only sells jewellery made from natural materials. All jewellery pieces in our stores have been handpicked by our gemmology-educated specialist. Meet our team here.

It is often believed crystals and semi-precious stones have a healing effect. For that reason, you will find a description of each of our crystal’s physical and spiritual effects next to the product. The easy way to choose a crystal is just to go with one you like. If you like it, then that is the right stone. Trust your instinct, it is never wrong!

Feel the force of the marriage of silver and crystals and find your own power-piece of jewellery.