Emerald is one of the classical precious stones along with diamond, sapphire and ruby. All other stones are considered semi-precious stones.

It is part of the beryllium family, which is one of the most common minerals. Depending on the other elements in beryllium rock, the stone’s colour can range from light green to very profound dark green, with bluish, grey, yellowish or brown in the background. The clearer, darker and more intense green, the more expensive and rare the stone.

Keywords: inspiration, life-affirming, unconditional love, fidelity and loyalty, opening heart, balance, positivity, protective stone, strengthening the personality, clarity, memory, relationships, friendship

Spiritual power
Emeralds are full of inspiration, life-affirming quality and the ability to treat negative emotions - all this allows you to enjoy life in all of its luxuriance, beauty and flowering. A beautiful stone fosters agape love, makes domestic relations smooth and strengthens and balances partnership, friendship, loyalty and unity. The crystal of love, it opens the heart chakra and calms the emotions within.

As a creator of emotional and mental balance and unity, it eliminates negative forces from your energy field and accents positive influences. Musicians like emerald because it is a powerful consciousness enhancer and developer of psychological abilities, even up to clairvoyant powers. It protects against malign forces, engenders mental clarity, and strengthens the memory and personality. As the stone of undying hope, it awakens life affirmation and revives inspiration.
Healing properties
Helps recover from illnesses. Supports the sinuses, lungs, heart, spinal column, and muscles. Calms the eyes and improves eyesight. Eases rheumatism and diabetes. The green rays of emerald support treatment of malignancies.
Did you know
  • The oldest emeralds are 2.97 billion years old, found in South Africa.
  • The oldest known emerald mines operated in 3,500 BCE in Egypt.
  • Cleopatra loved emeralds.
  • Almost all emeralds visible inclusions - imperfections consisting of small traces of liquids or other minerals - or tiny cracks. It is thus common in the jewellery industry for the cracks to be filled with oil to improve the stone’s appearance.
  • Emerald is known as a wedding anniversary stone given for the 25th, 35th and 55th anniversary.
Care and maintenance
Clean with lukewarm soapy water and dry with a cloth. As most emeralds are heat-treated, it does not tolerate high heat (long exposure to sunlight, hot water, food preparation) as this may cause it to fade. Avoid exposure to household chemicals and perfumes. Does not tolerate impacts, be gentle with it. Can be oiled from time to time.
Best signs
Gemini, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo
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