Sapphire is one of the classical precious stones along with diamond, emerald and ruby. All other stones are semi-precious stones.

Sapphire has been highly prized since time immemorial. Along with rubies and emeralds, it is one of the gems used to adorn royalty and crowns. Sapphire is also associated with royalty today - Prince William gave his bride Kate Middleton an engagement ring with a famous sapphire that had belonged to his mother.

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Spiritual power

Sapphire symbolizes good fortune, virtue, wisdom, sanctity and protection against enemies. It is prized as a stone of wisdom. If you are weary of your restless and brittle mind, sapphire will help to focus and calm your inner world, release undesirable thoughts and mental tensions. By bringing peace of mind and mental clarity, sapphire aligns the physical, mental and spiritual level and restores balance in your being. The powerful crystal releases you from depression and mental confusion and stimulates concentration. It also relieves frustration and lightens self-expression, brings prosperity and attracts all types of talent.

Blue sapphire is a stone of spiritual search for truth that is traditionally also associated with purity and love. The calming crystal helps one stay on your spiritual track, keep your eyes on the prize, grow peace of mind, find spiritual truth and unconditional love. The most traditional colour of the stone is blue, but it can also be found in other colours, such as colourless, pink, green, yellow, orange, violet and black.
Healing properties
Calms down overactive bodily systems and regulates the glands, also heals the eyes. Salutary effect on blood disorders and relieves excessive bleeding, strengthens blood vessels and improves their elasticity.
Did you know
  • The base mineral for sapphire (as in the case of ruby) is corundum. Chemical elements determine whether it becomes ruby or sapphire.
  • The piece of sapphire jewellery that is most famous is an engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Diana in 1981 (now on Kate Middleton’s finger).
  • Until the late 17th century, sapphires could only be worn by royalty and high priests, as the stone symbolized divine favour. Others could be punished for wearing a sapphire. Cardinals in the Catholic Church still wear sapphire rings.
  • Most sapphires today are heat-treated to improve colour characteristics. Poorer-quality sapphires can cost a few euros while untreated dark blue sapphires can fetch incredible prices, up to millions of euros.
Care and maintenance
Our sapphires are treated. Does not tolerate household chemicals, perfumes and heat or bright sunlight. Recharge under moonlight. From time to time, vegetable oil can be used to touch up sapphire. Program with insence.
Best signs
Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius
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