Blue topaz

Blue topaz

Blue topaz has proved its worth as a communication crystal. If you often need to engage in public speaking in your work, this semi-precious stone is the best way to overcome stage fright, make it easy to talk, make your thoughts clear and voice project. Considered the crystal of wisdom and self-growth.

Keywords: throat chakra stone, communication, creativity, truth and forgiveness, joy, generosity, cuts through doubt and insecurity, helps discover inner riches, self-trust, openness, honesty, cheerfulness, stabilizes emotions.

Spiritual power
Blue topaz instils calm and intuition and contributes to manifesting supernatural powers. Its wearer usually has their feet on the ground and a clear head. Instils a sense of security and stability and ensures that you have enough energy - but not for profligate use but rather for acting toward a specific goal.

Topaz makes it easier to interact with people and helps you get ahead in life. Associated with wisdom, wealth and a full life. It radiates inner light, which triumphs over darkness. It increases the wearer’s sense of humour, joy and optimism. The energy it intermediates has a refreshing, strengthening effect on the body. Protects against enemies and helps rulers distinguish true friends from fair weather ones.

On the mental level, promotes the adoption of new ideas and provides more wisdom. Strengthens the nervous system and opens the mind. The stone itself resembles a consciousness stretching toward light: as if its fibre structure helps channel the golden light of intelligence into the body. A stone with a pyramidal shape is best for opening the mind; it should be worn around the neck, the apex pointed downward.
Healing properties
Helps with the digestion, fights anorexia, restores the sense of taste, strengthens nerves. Has been used for treating eye disorders. Supports the liver, eases nervousness. Well suited to nervous shock and fatigue.
Care and maintenance
Clean 1-2 times a month under running water, dry with soft cloth. Don't expose for long in sunlight or heat. No crystal likes househould chemicals or perfumes. Recharge under moonlight and "program" with insence.
Best signs
Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius
This gemstone has no similar stones! It must be really unique