Crystals for Scorpio: What Should They Wear and What to Give Them as a Gift?

If you were born from October 23 to November 21, congrats, you’re a Scorpio. Each sign of the zodiac is believed to have distinct crystals and gemstones that are best aligned to who they are and where they need to go. Read on to learn which crystals are best suited for Scorpios!

Ruled by two planets, the active Mars and aggressive Pluto, Scorpios are an epitome of power and passion. This often leads to them being mistaken for a fire sign when, in fact, they are card-carrying members of the water sign crew. 

But the water in Scorpio is no lulling waves and soothing seas. It is deep, dark and verging on omnious. Anyone messing with this turbulence is blatantly asking for Scorpio’s venomous sting and, even worse, will risk becoming an entry in their world famous “Grudge Book”. 

Scorpios always know what they want and have every confidence in their ability to get it. They do not get disheartened by the long game either. Similar to their celestial spirit animal, Scorpios can lie in wait, collecting information, strategizing and even plotting if need be, until the moment is right and it’s time to strike.

There’s never a dull moment when a Scorpio is nearby. Charismatic and enticing on a good day, the representatives of this sign are low-key control freaks on a bad day. You can count on a Scorpio to turn a romantic date into a soft-core interrogation session in their fixation to know everything about you. Don’t expect them to spill their beans in return, though. Scorpios guard their private lives fiercely which often makes them appear even more mysterious and seductive. 

Pluto brings Scorpio zodiac sign an interest in all things otherworldly, spiritual, occult-related and mysterious. Anything thrilling, ethereal and psychedelic lures this water sign in like a moth to the flame. It should thus come as no surprise that also the search term “crystals for Scorpio” gets Googled way more than any other zodiac stone.


Best Crystals for Scorpio

Each sign of the zodiac is believed to have distinct crystals and gemstones that are best aligned to who they are and where they need to go. If you are looking for your perfect stone, you have a wide choice ranging from somewhat randomly assigned birthstones to recommended crystals the unique energy of which is likely to resonate with your zodiac personality.  


Scorpio Birthstones – Opal, Topaz and Citrine

The list of modern birthstones was published in 1912 by the National Association of Jewellers according to which the gemstone for Scorpios born in October is Opal and for the ones born in November – Topaz or Citrine. The same stones are also featured in Tiffany & Co’s poem recommending gems for each month of the year, published already in 1870. These were their verses for October and November Scorpios: 


“October’s child is born for woe,

And life’s vicissitudes must know,

But lay an Opal on her breast, 

And hope will lull those woes to rest. 


Who first comes to this world below

With drear November’s fog and snow, 

Should prize the Topz’s amber hue, 

Emblem of friends and lovers true.”


Mystical as Scorpios themselves, Opal displays a unique play-of-colour called opalescence that is nothing short of mesmerising. 

Scorpio is a sign of intensity and the stabilising power of this gemstone will help them release tension, regain balance and regulate their moods. Opal is also a powerful stone when it comes to luck, bringing it your way whether it’s about love or money. 

Here are a few pieces of subtle opal jewelry that make easy-to-wear everyday accessories, as well as a considerate gift.

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Topaz is another balancing stone for the Scorpio. The gemstone has a wide variety of colours, ranging from pale blue to soft pink and golden yellow topaz. The blue version that is known to soothe and calm, however, is probably best suited for the fiery Scorpio. 

Interestingly enough, this gemstone also enhances forgiveness and may help Scorpios to bury a grudge or even two. 

The pleasant light blue colour of topaz makes it effortless to sport it in different combinations and settings. Some popular ways to wear this crystal include rings, pendant necklaces, and earrings. 

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Most Scorpios secretly (or less secretly) desire to triumph and Citrine, also titled “The Success Stone” is there to bestow good fortune and success on its ambitious protegees. Not only can it help Scorpios achieve the outcomes they want, the bright, sun-like gemstone will even guide them in deciding what goals to pursue in the first place. 

Citrine is one of the happiest crystals that can easily remove negativity and put a smile on anyone’s face on any day of the year. Every Scorpio can find strength in the warmth it radiates. 

The yellow hues of citrine are perfectly complemented by sterling silver and white gold. The jewellery goes with all neutral tones brightening up your outfits in a subtle way. It can, however, also be combined with blues and purples for a striking contrast. 

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Recommended Crystals for Scorpios

Recommended crystals or Zodiac stones are supposed to bring out your best and help you overcome your challenges, based on your signs' characteristics. The selection includes an array of options, making it possible for every person to find a stone that they feel connected to and gravitate towards. 


Aquamarine, the Stone of Courage and Protection

Scorpios and Aquamarine crystals tend to be on the same wavelength. The gentle and calming energies of Aquamarine invoke tolerance of others and help to quiet the mind. This makes them wonderful for meditation – one of Scorpios’ favourite pastimes. Many Scorpios enjoy meditating to escape the unwarranted opinions of others and to spend time with their favourite person in the world. 

Aquamarine is a throat chakra stone, enhancing communication and self-expression.  The gemstone also boosts confidence at times when Scorpios are not feeling quite so self-assured and become prone to negative emotions. 

Aquamarine jewellery is gorgeous with its rings, bracelets and necklaces reflecting the ocean and blue sky. These blue gems can complement bright primary colours like red, orange and yellow but pair equally well with neutral colours.  

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Amethyst, the Stone of Spirituality and Intuition

Amethyst is a magnificent purple gemstone that has been valued and used since ancient times. The crystal’s name comes from the Greek word amethystos, meaning “not intoxicated”, as it was believed to ward off drunkenness when drinking. When it comes to hot-headed Scorpios, the calming crystal is supposed to help them clear their head and think straight. 

Scorpios are known to have an acute sixth sense and Amethyst is perfect for strengthening their intuition and instincts. You may already secretly suspect that your favourite Scorpio can read your mind but once this lilac gemstone comes to their aid, you can be certain of it. 

In crystal healing, amethyst is used as a natural healer of grief and enhancer of energy. It helps Scorpios discover the source of positive energy from within and feel calm and content. 

The attractive purple gemstone dazzles in any jewellery setting, including silver, white gold and yellow gold. Attractive options include rings, earrings and necklaces. 

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Rhodochrosite, the Stone of the Compassionate Heart

Rhodochrosite is a great gemstone for Scorpios, symbolising new beginnings and starting over. And nobody loves new beginnings as much as the Scorpio. 

A gemstone for the heart chakra, Rhodochrosite awakens compassion and opens the heart. It reminds Scorpios to be more considerate, but not only with others but with themselves as well. Prone to self-criticism, this is the kind of support most Scorpios could use in their lives. 

A beautiful pink gemstone, rhodochrosite serves beautifully for a variety of jewellery uses and wearing jewellery with this Scorpio gemstone is the best way to make use of its positive properties. 

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Smoky Quartz, the Stone of Power

In their moments of weakness, the intense Scorpios are prone to surrender to negativity. This is where the smoky quartz comes to their resque, absorbing that negative energy and abolishing bad vibes. Scorpio’s anger, fear and anxiety will all subside in the face of the powerful grounding energy of this alluring gemstone. 

Not known for their ability to let go of the past and move on, Scorpios could really use assistance from Smoky Quartz to let bygones be bygones. This gemstone helps to see things from a different perspective, to accept reality and to take responsibility for your own happiness. 

Smoky quartz can be carved into almost any kind of jewellery and wearing any item provides a powerful connection with the stone’s energy. The rich chocolate colour of this stone adds sophistication to the rings, bracelets and necklaces alike. 

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Sodalite, the Stone of Truth

This Scorpio stone can be of much assistance when it comes to turning raging emotions into rational thoughts. Sodalite has the power to soothe and balance, making it the perfect healing stone to bring calmness and inner peace to the Scorpio sun sign. 

The positive energies of sodalite help to overcome difficulties in life and to make better decisions by encouraging the Scorpio to take a breather and reflect on what to do next. They will be better able to make steady, rational decisions instead of following their impulsive nature and making a bunch of emotionally driven ones. 

The gorgeous, blue sodalite with white-coloured patterns on its surface is perfect for creating lovely jewellery. Its rich colour looks amazing in rings, but the gemstone is also frequently used for bead necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. 

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Malachite, the Stone of Transformation

Malachite is a stone of intense energy, matching the strength and fiery passion of Scorpio. Contrary to the gentle healing of aquamarine and rhodochrosite, the abrupt malachite prefers to catapult the Scorpio into transformation, mercilessly shocking them out of the slumps. 

But the velvety, green malachite doesn’t just demolish, it also brings refreshed energy to focus on new beginnings. It can be a powerful ally to the Scorpio, helping them to set new goals and obtain them.

When you are in need of the transforming powers of malachite, wear this gemstone in the form of jewellery that is sophisticated, sleek and always classy. Malachite’s vivid green hue accentuated by mesmerising swirl patterns makes it a perfect gemstone for earrings, pendant necklaces, bracelets, and show-stopping rings. 

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