Sodalite is the stone of wisdom. It helps to expand perspective, and it promotes and stabilizes logical thinking, which is especially necessary for sensitive and emotional people. Thus, it is very good for those who are trying to incorporate theory into practice.

Keywords: wisdom, combination of logic and intuition, rationality, cleansing from old thinking-patterns, opens spiritual sense, cooperation, trust, balance, fidelity, grounding.

Spiritual power
Sodalite supports self-knowledge, courage, loyalty, and persistence. It represents brotherhood and solidarity, which strengthen trust. It eliminates suppressed guilt and liberates from fear. It is helpful when it comes to stress and during hypersensitive periods because it has a reducing effect on energy that arises from spiritual processes. The white lines on the stone symbolize light that helps to discover signs in places where there seems to be nothing but chaos.

Sodalite could be compared to a door-keeper – it does not cause sudden changes but defends from experiences that are too powerful while the cleansing of the mind has not yet ended. It slowly helps to prepare the possessor for the opening of the third eye, when the person is ready to cleanse his/her thoughts and acknowledge his/her attitude.
Healing properties
Sodalite is a very good stone for high blood pressure. It calms and balances nerves, reinforces the thyroid and glands, stimulates metabolism, activates the functions of midbrain and lymph nodes by providing strength and vitality..
Did you know?
  • Discoverd in Greenland in 1806
  • Sodalite consists mainly from lapis lazuli, therefore they are often confused, but Lapis Lazuli also has pyrite fleckles that sodalite doesn't have.
Care and maintenance
Clean sodalite once per week under running water. If you are using a raw or a polished stone then you should clean it after each use. It is not advisable to charge the stone in sunlight. It is advisable to bury the sodalite if it has been used for a long time, so its energy can renew itself.
Best signs
Virgo, Sagittarius
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