Pyrite bears the energy of the sun. It is a stone of plenty, as its yellowish, gold-like appearance suggests. It is a powerful positive crystal that instils vitality and life force and blocks everything negative from entering your life.

Keywords: plenty, wealth, protection, energy shield, clarity, logic and intuition balance, memory, learning ability, positivism, expression of talents and abilities, purifying, grounding, practicality, cooperation, willpower

Spiritual powers
 Pyrite is known above all as a stone of plenty and wealth as it resembles gold - the universal symbol of riches. Sometimes it is called the treasure guardian, because it has the ability to preserve your wealth and achievements. I addition to monetary plenty, it also creates spiritual plenitude - positivity. It supports the actualization of ideas, the manifestation of your hidden talents and the realization of spiritual powers.

Pyrite is a super energy shield, blocking the negative energy moving in your direction and confounding any manipulations headed in your direction. It clarifies the mind and stimulates brain activity - helps to create a bridge between brain hemispheres and achieve balance between logic and intuition. This in turn connects ideas and realities. If you have trouble with memory and learning, use pyrite, which is a brain tonic.

A crystal with powerful fire energy and as such, more a masculine energy stone, but it can be beneficial to both genders, as it instils stability and assurance in both. A catalyst for action, increasing will, decision-making resolve and activity toward a specific goal.
Healing properties
Supports healthy bone, stimulates cell growth, corrects DNA. Strengthens the digestive tract, circulation and respiration, the lungs in particular.
Did you know
  • Cowboys of the American West called pyrite “fool’s gold” as it glitters like gold and brings wealth and plenitude to those who wear it.
  • Gives off sparks when tapped, so it was used in olden days to ignite gunpowder in firearms and cannon.
  • Although it looks like gold and can sometimes contain gold, it is made up usually of iron and sulphate. Sometimes there are traces of gold, silver, cobalt and/or nickel.
Care and maintenance
 Pyrite oxidizes when exposed to air and water, losing its lustre. So don't wash with water. You can bury pyrite for a while, clean it with incense smoke, and leave it in moonlight to charge.
Best signs
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