Amazingly stunning rhodochrosite is the most powerful love stone of the planet, even more powerful than rose quartz.

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Spiritual power
Rhodochrosite is a heart stone which cleanses and opens the emotional centre. It is best suitable for people who feel that they are not being loved. Rhodochrosite is a higher octave of rose quartz. It helps to release heart energy so that we can express our emotions to our loved ones. Rhodochrosite is good for changing customs and habits which are deeply rooted into our character and which become unleashed spontaneously, although they only bring humility and disagreement. Rhodochrosite is a good companion on the journey of change. It burns all old memories from the senses, helps to get rid of self-denial and to accept fulfillment and happiness.

Rhodochrosite symbolizes the healing power of love, as well as balance and connection with Mother Earth. It balances the energy flow inside the body and helps to relax. This is a powerful stone which eliminates pain and suffering that lies deep inside the heart. It helps us to become new. It could be described as a deep love which opens the heart, and brings joy and a new approach to all surroundings.
Healing properties
Rhodochrosite filters out bad temper, and soothes asthma and breathing problems. It cleanses blood circulation and the kidneys and improves bad eyesight. It normalizes blood pressure, stabilizes the heartbeat, and replenishes sex organs. Rhodochrosite relieves migraines.
Did you know?
  • Discovered in 1813.
  • Name comes from Greeck and means pink.
Care and maintenance
 Wash 1–2 times per month under running water. Recharge in sunshine and moonlight. "Program" your rodochrosite with insence.
Best signs
Leo, Scorpio, Virgo

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