7 crystal jewels perfect for presents

The easiest way to pick a present is when the person has dropped a hint or two about what she needs. But when there are not hints, you need to figure it out for yourself. A pretty piece of jewellery will leave no woman untouched, but how to find such jewellery?

The years working in the jewellery shop have shown that some crystals tend to speak more to women than others. In this article, we will introduce seven of these. If you choose to give jewellery with one of these crystals, then you will most probably not miss the mark.

The choice of a stone is often based on zodiac signs, as each of them is assigned a birthstone. That’s why we have also included the astrological sign to each stone that it is associated with. But please don’t stick to it too fast – when your gut feeling says something else, you should rely on it instead. The heart and the mind – I’m sure you know that the former is never wrong. :)

When giving jewellery as a gift, you always send a hidden message to the person. Each crystal has its own meaning and story, and when you know them, you can pick jewellery according to the force that you want to channel into her life. Even if the person does not believe in the energy of the crystals, she can definitely appreciate your kind thought.


Rose quartz

Every woman’s favourite, as it just is such a beautiful crystal! It may have the shining faceted cut as well as the translucent round cut. It has a soft and mellow tone that is a perfect match for the cool Nordic beauty and thus does not impose itself even in case of large pieces of jewellery.

Rose quartz brings love, wellness and joy of life to the person receiving the gift. They say it teaches its wearer to express herself more boldly and open her heart and soul to love. Rose quartz symbolises feminine sensitivity and tenderness and it is believed to teach us about unconditional love. By the way, according to the legend, rose quartz also alleviates the symptoms of mid-life crisis!

As to astrological signs, it is mostly associated with Taurus, Libra and Aries.

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The absolute classic of all crystals and one of the most beloved jewellery stones in the world. It comes in different quality and price range: the most expensive ones are white, almost transparent with a strong bluish or rainbow sheen. You do not come across such truly transparent moonstones in silver jewellery as they tend to be very expensive. Silver jewellery usually has gemstones with a white base and gorgeous blue or rainbow sheen or the mellow Indian moonstones with an even cream hue.

Moonstone is the gemstone of a wise woman. It enhances feminine intuition to allow you to connect with your inner wisdom. As the name suggests, it is strongly related with the Moon and the lunar rhythms. That’s why it is believed that also the feminine flow from one cycle to another will become more balanced thanks to the stone. Moonstone brings harmony both to hormones and emotions thus working hard to energise feminine love and reconcile relations.

In terms of astrological signs, moonstone suits best Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Gemini.

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Labradorite is a gemstone that is not known very well yet. And this is precisely why it’s a perfect present as no one can expect such awesomeness! When set down on the table, it may remain unnoticed as the gemstone seems dark grey and lifeless. But as soon as you pick it up in your hand, it will come to life revealing a bursting play of colour with darker blue and greenish hues with occasional gold and silver magic sheen. The inner fire and play of colours will leave nobody untouched.

If the moonstone is thought to symbolise the white side of the Moon, then labradorite is said to be the mystical dark side that is always overshadowed – much like women’s secrets tend to remain in the dark. In terms of energy, labradorite is sometimes called the witches’ stone and for a good reason as its magic qualities help to discover secret talents, bring out psychic skills and fulfil dreams and wishes. It is the gemstone of a powerful woman that is related with everything mysterious – other dimensions, the power of dreams, the feminine spiritual power. The stone thus embodies both external and inner mystery!

In terms of astrological signs, labradorite suits best Aquarius, Cancer, Libra and Leo.

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Citrine crystal

The bright yellow citrine crystal is the most sparkling gemstone in this selection that mainly suits women who love dazzling and dramatic jewellery. It is a clever choice also in case you don’t know if the person prefers gold or silver, or in case she wears both gold and silver. With its warm yellow sparkle, it can be worn together with gold jewellery also when set in silver.

Citrine crystal provides its wearer with abundance in every sense of the word – it helps you to achieve earthly goals (good education, decent job and profitable business) by giving you strength and enhancing concentration. The positive energy of citrine crystal is bound to stave off melancholy and lack of energy. It is a stone of hope, joy and courage just like a small sun that helps you to remain energetic and motivated. Citrine crystals may be given to people who are prone to depression or in need of consolation as it has the power to boost the mood and instil hope and willpower in them.

As to the zodiac signs, it suits best Aries, Gemini, Leo and Virgo.

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The passionate red garnet is one of the most popular gemstones in the world. It can be found in different parts of the world in various range of price and quality, but clean and large garnets are still highly rare. The dark red colour catches the eye and oozes bravado and luxury which makes it perhaps unsuitable for very modest women but certainly adds sparkle to brunette ladies with a somewhat darker skin tone.

In terms of energy, garnet implies passion and sexuality while also boosting general vitality. It helps you to live your life to the full, joyously and boldly. With its rich energy, it restores the vitality of the body and increases vigour. It is also considered a stone of truth and purity, love and compassion. As a symbol of primal femininity, it enhances reliability and supports the growth of relationships. By the way, it is a perfect gift for a businesswoman, especially in the square cut as such garnets are believed to bring luck in business affairs!

The fiery and passionate stone is best for zodiac signs of similar character – Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius as well as more reserved Capricorn and Virgo.

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Pearl or mother of pearl

Pearls are such classics that you can wear them at absolutely any event from your great aunt’s anniversary to a punk party. In the first case, you should perhaps choose more reserved stud earrings and a pearl necklace, and in case of the latter, more frenzied Baroque pearls or a mother of pearl fragment in a snazzy silver frame. Pearls come in white, pink and dark hues, mother-of-pearls from classic white to the bluish-green rainbow sheen of Paua shells… If anyone says pearls are boring, they just don’t know the endless selection!

As a symbol of purity, femininity and attraction, pearls continue to be the most desired gemstone in jewellery. In the course of history, it has mainly been considered suitable for women. Among their numerous symbolic meanings, beauty and femininity have always ranked the highest. Just as they live and grow in billowy waters, pearls also support the airy flow of its wearer on dry land. They promote self-love and self-acceptance just as you are and help you to understand and fulfil the deepest desires of your heart.

In terms of zodiac signs, it’s the ideal companion for Cancer, but in fact pearls and mother-of-pearl suit all women all the time.

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Green amethyst

Most green amethyst gemstones in jewellery have once been purple, but they have changed their colour either in nature or with the helping hand of man. In nature, green amethyst is created by the heating of regular amethyst in the course of natural volcanic processes. The given hue can also be created by intentional heating of regular amethyst that is a pretty common gemstone processing method. As a result, we have a gemstone with a gorgeous sheen with its mellow green tone reminiscent of spring water. Due to its clear and neutral colour, it is suitable for different wearers and its distinctive sparkle has also made it the favourite of our customers.

In terms of energy, green amethyst is said to resemble violet amethyst but it is more oriented to healing. It is a spiritual crystal with its pure energy teaching us to notice progress and advance courageously in the path of development. All gemstones with green hues are related with the energy of the heart and thus also the green amethyst has the power to heal a broken heart even when all hope is gone. It also provides kind support when you have doubts about the existence of love.

Green amethyst is recommended for zodiac signs such as Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio and Capricorn.

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