Silver or gold? Both!


Combining materials may provide that extra jazz to your look that doesn’t really leap out, yet never fails to be noticed. By the way, if you think adding some golden bedazzle to your set of silver jewelry will hurt your wallet, we have a wide selection of gold plated pieces. How should one go about mixing and matching silver and gold so that it will not end up looking like an “accident”? As we said before – there really are no rules and if you find one, it is there to be broken. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to have a trick or two up your pretty sleeve.

Choose based on your hair color and skin tone

Yes, it is true after all that some skin tones and hair colors go better with gold and others with silver. The very much simplified rule of thumb is this – if you have dark eyes and your hair shines with a deep golden hue, you’re the warm type and golden jewelry complements you better. If you’re light eyed and light haired, silver is your game, rather. Still, this does not hinder you from combining metals - simply make sure there’s more of “your metal” in the mix.

Don’t overdo it

Busy combining, you might very quickly reach the “that’s all way too much” territory. To prevent this, mix and match jewelry with a more modest design, rather. Furthermore, as a beginner, follow the principle of having one third of one metal and two thirds of another metal in your combination, depending on whether you’re the “warm” or “cold” type. Having decided to combine jewelry items, keep in mind that abundant jewelry most often looks better with less abundant garments.

Stick to one style

Mixing and matching gold and silver, opt for jewelry of the same “family”, i.e. jewelry pieces with a similar style and shape, to avoid a chaotic look. If you get overly carried away with your combination endeavors, the outcome might seem a bit “heavy”. But of course, if you like it, more power to you!

Keep it balanced

One golden bracelet among five silver bangles appears like an overlooked mistake - add a sufficient amount of your “guest metal” to your combinations. As stated above, make sure it makes up at least one third of the total of your adornments. By the way, watches and buckles on purses and shoes also count!

Seems complicated? We have an easy solution for you – jewelry in which the designer has done all the mixing and matching for you and has combined gold and silver in a single piece of jewelry already. For instance, a number of jewelry items in our Prime Time collection are examples of true mastery in combining materials and structures.


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