The more the merrier! The art of combining necklaces

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A chain made of high-quality materials is one of the most practical types of jewellery you can buy. It is perfect for both formal and everyday occasions and can be worn in many different ways. You can wear an understated and delicate necklace on its own. You can add a pendant that gives a colour accent. You can combine finer and thicker chains to form an elegant combo. WildWoman’s selection also includes adjustable necklaces that can be worn longer or shorter or even combined into a body chain. 

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You can immediately notice the love for necklaces in the world of fashion and influencers, especially when it comes to layering chains. Naturally, we love it and have been fans of layering for years, so it is great to see that the rest of the world is finally catching up. But how to be successful at layering? Here are a few tips for how to start.

First things first

Start with a piece of jewellery that you definitely want to showcase in the set and “build” on that.

Follow the rule of three

If you want to make things easier, remember the rule of three – three different lengths, three different types of chains, three different thicknesses. Even if all three have very different styles, they may be combined into a very coherent set.

Use different lengths – it is all about the contrasts

If you choose to level up and move on from the rule of three, remember that the different lengths provide the main effect. Even if they vary ever so slightly. Contrast is always the key – the contrast of lengths, structures, and thicknesses.

Add the finishing touch with a pendant

One of the main advantages of a chain is that you can add anything to it. A ruby that provides a bold colour accent, a charm with an encouraging message that will support you any point in your life, or a pendant that reminds you of a special someone. We, of course, offer all of them. WildWoman’s selection also includes pendants that you can open which makes putting them on a chain especially easy.

Combine metals and materials

We already mentioned that mixing silver and gold is a match made in heaven, but let’s repeat it once more. So, you can try layering gold and silver, but remember that one should make up about one third and the other two thirds of the set. It is very popular to add other materials as well – pearls especially look great with chains.

Adjustable chains are more flexible

Longer chains are naturally more expensive, however, you can add much more variety by choosing an adjustable necklace, for example by wearing it over itself to create more abundant layers. We also have interlocking chains that can be combined into one long chain and even worn as a body chain.

Does it still sound too complicated? No worries, our selection will soon include necklace sets where the work of combining them has already been taken care of. We will also offer an even larger selection of unique necklaces! There are many reasons for keeping an eye on our jewellery selection.

Combining starts here:

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