9 Crystals for Gemini: what should they wear and what to give them as a gift

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About Gemini

If you were born from May 21 to June 21, congrats, you’re a Gemini.

Guided by Mercury, the planet of communication, people born under this zodiac sign really know how to express themselves. They are the social butterflies of the zodiac who have their ruling planet to thank for blessing them with a curious mind, zest for knowledge, and quick wit.

With a sparkle in their eyes, Geminis thrive when socializing and never turn down an opportunity to attend a party or a gathering. This tends to leave everyone else around them wondering, how does one Gemini attend so many events. It is almost as if they come into this world with an inbuilt GPS that directs them to any place where laughter and merriment are sure to follow. 

Any Gemini is always ready to boldly try something new. Nothing seems too risky for this zodiac sign and they are unafraid of making mistakes. From a skydive to a job interview, they will take on everything with enthusiasm and optimism. And when it comes to mistakes – these only give them interesting stories to add to their repertoire of experiences.  

Geminis are always on the run – multitasking is their superpower and they are famous for taking on far more than any single person should. Their to-do list is usually compounding faster than they can cross tasks off it but that does not  phase a Gemini! They accept their often chaotic lifestyles with a positive attitude and usually manage to conquer an eternal amount of tasks without batting an eye.  

The celestial twins don’t need money to be happy – though they certainly wouldn’t mind having some. They are content with what they have and are not overly concerned with wealth or outward appearances. Money flows through their fingers and is often gone before they realize what happened. Treating friends to dinner at a fancy restaurant, splurging on an amazing vacation, or investing in another Gemini’s crazy business idea – these folks definitely prefer spending rather than saving when it comes to their funds. 


Best Crystals for Geminis

Each sign of the zodiac is believed to have distinct gemstones that are best aligned to who they are and where they need to go. If you are looking for perfect crystals for Gemini, you have a wide choice ranging from somewhat randomly assigned birthstones to recommended gemstones the unique energy of which is likely to resonate with the Gemini personality. 


Gemini Birthstones – Emerald, Alexandrite and Agate

The list of modern birthstones was published in 1912 by the National Association of Jewellers according to which the gemstone for Geminis born in May is Emerald and for the ones born in June – Alexandrite. This differs from the traditional June birthstone featured in Tiffany & Co’s poem published already in 1870 and recommending Agate instead of Alexandrite. These are their verses for Geminis born in May and June:

"Who first beholds the light of day

In spring’s sweet flowery month of May, 

And wears an Emerald all her life

Shall be a loved and happy wife.


Who comes with summer to this earth,

And owes to June her days of birth,

With ring of Agate on her hand

Can health, wealth and long life command.” 


Known as the stone of knowledge and wisdom, Emerald is the perfectly fitting gem for Gemini. The gemstone increases the already superior mental capacity of these articulate and curious folks and helps them tackle any tricky situation they come across. It’s like a turbo boost of potent brainpower! 

Geminies may think that they love the extremes of life but what they mostly need is striking a balance. Emerald nourishes the emotional harmony by creating balance out of chaos. It is also a gem of universal love, which makes it even more special for Geminis who tend to have an unconditional enthusiasm for people. 

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Alexandrite has a variety of benefits, including the ability to support a balanced mind, encourage creativity and bring harmony and serenity into a person’s life. The lively and outgoing Geminis could often use all of these positive influences. Their tendency to act before properly thinking through the situation can land them in unexpected (and often unwelcome) circumstances, but the grounding and stabilizing powers of alexandrite can help them avoid such inconveniences. 

Geminis are said to have a dual nature and people born under this sign often experience contrasting emotions and thoughts, making it difficult to find balance. Luckily, the Gemini-born can rely on Alexandrite to help them achieve harmony. Besides being revered for bringing emotional balance, it can also improve self-understanding. Wearing this gemstone helps Geminis discover inner peace by accepting both sides of themselves and learning how these sides can co-exist peacefully. 

Here are a few pieces of alexandrite jewelry that make magnificent everyday accessories, as well as a considerate gift. 

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Agate is the perfect gemstone match for the ever lively Gemini. The gem mirrors both their creative spirit and optimism while its benefits balance out this zodiac sign’s personality. Famous for its tranquilizing qualities, Agate helps Geminis collect their thoughts and stay focused on their goals. The gemstone also provides Gemini with a sense of security and stability during times of change. 

For the celestial twins, time is always short, life is fast-paced and they are constantly busy with the next task at hand. By slowing down both the physical and mental processes, Agate can help to reduce stress and create moment-to-moment awareness, allowing Geminis to become more mindful of their lives. This crystal is essential for assisting the Gemini-born reign in their busy minds and overflowing schedules and achieve greater well-being. 

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Recommended Crystals for Gemini

Recommended crystals or Zodiac stones are supposed to bring out your best and help you overcome your challenges, based on your signs' characteristics. The selection includes an array of options, making it possible for every Gemini to find a stone that they feel connected to and gravitate towards. 


Moonstone, the Stone of New Beginnings

Moonstone’s strong connection to new beginnings aligns perfectly with Gemini’s adventurous and curious nature. If you are born under this zodiac sign, life is always full of fresh starts: new cities, new relationships, and even a newfound love for yoga! In all of these endeavors, Moonstone is the trusted companion that provides Geminis with inspiration but also provides insights on how best to move forward and to divide the time and the energy. 

Geminis are notorious for making quick decisions and often base these on intuition rather than rational thinking. While no gemstone can convince the Celestial Twins to completely change their approach to decision-making, Moonstone can at least help to power up their intuitive abilities. It is commonly believed that this gemstone can connect one to the Moon through its strong vibrations, essentially giving the inner guidance system a big boost. 

When you need the gentle and loving energies of moonstone, wear this gemstone in the form of jewelry that is guaranteed to look delicate and classy. The beautiful hue of this gem makes it a perfect crystal for earrings, bracelets and pendants. 

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Aquamarine, the Stone of Serenity

For the eternally busy Geminis, Aquamarine is the key to calming their overactive minds! This zodiac sign needs to take a break from the hustle and just chill every now and then. After all, how could they possibly keep functioning at their best without ever taking a break? Aquamarine helps to calm the mind for the mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It can aid in lowering stress levels, improving concentration, and encouraging creativity – all important things when it comes to living Gemini’s best life. 

While reflecting their vivacious personalities, Aquamarine also helps Geminis to clear any confusions that can come up. This gemstone works with Gemini’s natural communication ability and flexibility, aiding them in moments where they need to make brave decisions fast. It reveals the truth behind perplexing situations and assists its protegees with making decisions with more clarity.  

A beautiful gemstone, aquamarine serves splendidly for a variety of jewelry uses and wearing pieces with this gemstone is the best way to make use of its positive properties. 

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Citrine, the Stone of Success

Everyone wants success – Gemini or not. That said, the celestial twins have their own unique outlook on it. For them, success isn’t necessarily determined by how big their house is, but rather the freedom and flexibility to do what they want without having to put up with those pesky bosses and rigid 9-to-5 schedules. 

Living life outside the box requires a lot of confidence. Citrine has the positive vibes to empower Geminis, giving them the confidence boost they need to take risks and do things their way. It also helps that this gemstone has the frequency of prosperity and wealth, making it an excellent crystal for achieving success in whatever the Geminis choose to do. 

As one of the more impulsive signs of the zodiac, Geminis will certainly find a lot of benefit in citrine’s ability to increase focus. This gem is believed to have just the right vibes needed to awaken creativity and stimulate clear thinking and can thus be of great use for Geminis who sometimes need a moment to stand back, take a deep breath and to concentrate on one specific task at a time.

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Pearl, the Stone of Beauty

Geminis are dualistic and their life can be a tug of war between their two opposing sides. However, by wearing pearls, Geminis can keep their life in better harmony. This gemstone is known to bridge seemingly contrasting qualities and environments. It soothes the emotions, joins opposites and provides stability with its grounding attributes. 

Additionally, pearls are said to attract the energy of Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini. Already blessed with quick wit, sharp thinking, good oratorical skills and the ability to take difficult situations with ease, Geminis can enhance all these positive traits by wearing pearls. These gems are the means for harnessing the power of their ruling planet at all times.  

Pearls may look beautiful but they carry an even greater mystery – the ability to transmute negative energies into positive. This is why these gemstones are so incredibly helpful when it comes to neutralizing negative vibes and keeping Geminis always in a good mood. 

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Tiger’s Eye, the Stone of Self-Discipline

Tiger’s eye is a powerful gemstone with many benefits, but it can be particularly useful for those born under the sign of Gemini. The celestial twins have a natural tendency to experience high levels of stress and anxiety which Tiger’s eye has the power to cleanse away. It can provide some much-needed comfort and clarity for Geminis who are struggling to eliminate negative energy. 

As the stone of self-discipline, Tiger’s Eye is a powerful ally for all the Geminis. Staying focused on one particular task may be the most difficult challenge for the adventure-seeking twins but this gemstone can be their steady and reliable companion, stimulating motivation and reminding Geminis to stay resilient.

The dual nature of Geminis makes them both open to new ideas and experiences, as well as prone to overthinking and feeling overwhelmed. Tiger’s eye can be a great tool for this zodiac sign to practice balance between the two extremes and stay cool, calm, and collected. This gemstone can help Geminis recognize when they are being pulled in different directions and assess which direction is the best for them. 

Tiger’s eye can be carved into almost any kind of jewelry and wearing a piece of this gemstone provides a powerful connection with the stone’s energy.

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Pink Tourmaline, the Stone of Inspiration

Geminis can be all over the place with their never-ending stream of thoughts and ideas. It’s as if a whole carnival was happening in their brain and things are bound to get overwhelming at times. The soothing energies of pink Tourmaline help in balancing the emotions and can instill a sense of calm that will support Geminis getting through the turbulent times. 

Pink Tourmaline’s inspiration-boosting powers will come in handy in those moments when Gemini’s creativity is in a slump. The subtle energy of this gemstone enhances their natural talents, making them more receptive to fresh waves of inspiration. By stimulating the mind and enhancing focus, pink Tourmaline will spur new ideas and insights so that Geminis could unleash their full potential and create magic in every aspect of their lives.

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