9 Crystals for Cancer: what should they wear and what to give them as a gift

Cancer woman

About Cancer

If you were born from June 22 to July 22, congrats, you’re a Cancer.

Cancerians are guided by the Moon that induces their emotions, intuition and heightened imagination. Their connection with this powerful celestial body gives them a sixth sense that allows them to make decisions based on gut feeling with confidence and keeps them one step ahead of everyone else.

Often labeled as home-bodies, Cancerians have a tender and sympathetic heart. Their innate empathy and strong sense of responsibility make them incredibly reliable as family members or friends. Any Cancer will readily go out of their way to help and comfort a friend in need, offering emotional support that is unconditional and non-judgmental. 

Cancer is also the first to stand up for injustice and never hesitates to take a strong position against any type of discrimination or inequality. They are not afraid to speak out and fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves and are often drawn towards humanitarian efforts such as fundraising and volunteering at shelters. 

This deeply intuitive and sentimental zodiac sign has a flair for creativity. From visual design to music composition and writing, Cacers’ imagination knows no bounds when it comes to creative pursuits. Their sensitive nature adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to the art they create, allowing them to powerfully connect with audiences on a spiritual level.  

Confrontation is not Cancer’s cup of tea and that has earned them the reputation of being the ultimate passive-aggressive zodiac sign. Whether it’s clever sarcasm, subtle hints, or veiled comments – Cancers are very adept at making sure people know exactly how they feel without ever actually having to spell it out. Even their silence can take a form of passive aggression and speak volumes!  

You could never ask for a more committed and loyal partner than Cancer. They will never give up on the ones they love and stand by them through thick and thin. From romantic surprises to comforting words during difficult times, Crabs won’t hesitate to put in effort into the relationship but also expect the same from their partner – no excuses allowed! 

Best Crystals for Cancers

Each sign of the zodiac is believed to have distinct gemstones that are best aligned to who they are and where they need to go. If you are looking for perfect crystals for Cancer, you have a wide choice ranging from somewhat randomly assigned birthstones to recommended gemstones the unique energy of which is likely to resonate with the Cancer personality. 


Cancer Birthstones – Alexandrite, Agate and Ruby

The list of modern birthstones was published in 1912 by the National Association of Jewellers according to which the gemstone for Cancers born in June is Alexandrite and for the ones born in July – Ruby. This differs from the traditional June birthstone featured in Tiffany & Co’s poem published already in 1870 and recommending Agate instead of Alexandrite. These are their verses for Cancers born in June and July: 

“Who comes with summer to this earth,

And owes to June her days of birth,

With ring of Agate on her hand

Can health, wealth and long life command.


The glowing Ruby should adorn 

Those who in warm July are born;

Then will they be exempt and free

From love’s doubts and anxiety.”


Symbolizing loyalty, compassion, understanding and sentimentality, Alexandrite embodies many of the traits associated with Cancer and also works to enhance these qualities. People born under this zodiac sign feel like they can personally relate to this magical stone and are drawn to its mystical appeal. 

Cancers are known for being creative but even their imaginations need a boost every once in a while. Wearing Alexandrite is believed to stimulate creative thinking and the vibrant purples and greens of this gem help Cancerians find inspiration and explore the boundaries of their ingenuity. 

When it comes to intuition, Cancers have a special affinity to Alexandrite that offers powerful intuitive abilities to those wearing it. Crabs appreciate the benefit of enhancing their sixth sense since their decision-making process often relies on it. Armed with heightened intuition, Cancerians can forge ahead confidently and trust their “inner guide” to help navigate life’s murky waters. 

Here are a few pieces of alexandrite jewelry that make magnificent everyday accessories, as well as a considerate gift. 

alexandrite ring
Alexandrite ring with Diamonds
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alexandrite pendant
Halo pendant with Alexandrite and Diamonds
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alexandrite ring
Alexandrite and Diamond flower ring
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Cancerians strive their entire lives towards greater stability and security, both emotionally and physically. Their sensitive nature can make them vulnerable to stress and anxiety, which often leads to mood swings and periods of internal conflict. Agate’s  stabilizing effect offers a comforting sense of grounding, helping those born under the sign of Cancer to better manage their fluctuating emotions and find balance in their lives. 

Agate’s ability to eliminate negativity aligns well with Cancer’s natural empathic tendencies. This zodiac sign is very receptive to the energy around them, making them particularly susceptible to negative emotions and toxicity. The soothing and positive vibes emanating from Agate help to neutralize these harmful vibrations, making it easier for Cancerians to maintain their emotional well-being and protect themselves from external negativity. 

Cancers are the masters of listening but when it comes to verbalizing their own feelings, they are not the world’s greatest. They often find it challenging to express their true feelings and can create an emotional barrier preventing them from opening up to others. By fostering honest communication, Agate helps to break down these barriers allowing Cancerians to express their emotions in a healthy and positive way.

Agate earrings
Vintage Agate drop earrings with silver
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Agate beaded bracelet
Beaded Agate bracelet
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agate bracelet
Silver bracelet with Agate
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The properties and characteristics of Ruby align perfectly with the traits and sensibilities of Cancer. The Moon plays a significant role in strengthening the emotions and nurturing instincts of this water sign and as a result, they often seek stability, protection, and emotional balance in various aspects of their lives. The ruby holds immense potential in providing these aspects.  

Given their sensitive nature, Cancerians may experience moments of distraction and vulnerability. This usually occurs when their emotions become overwhelming or when they find themselves in challenging situations. Ruby’s positive influence on mental strength and self-awareness makes it easier for the Crabs to maintain focus on their tasks and goals. This added concentration enables them to overcome obstacles and work towards their objectives with a fortified determination. 

Ruby enhances compassion and warmth, traits that are deeply ingrained in the nature of Cancerians. As natural nurturers, they have an innate desire to care for and protect their loved ones. This beautiful red gemstone amplifies these qualities by supporting the wearer’s emotional side and this makes it even easier for Cancers to forge strong bonds and connections with those around them.

ruby ring with diamonds
Ruby and diamond half eternity band
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ruby earrings
Ruby earrings with diamond swirl frame
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ruby and diamond knot ring
Ruby and Diamond infinity knot ring
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Recommended Crystals for Cancer

Recommended crystals or Zodiac stones are supposed to bring out your best and help you overcome your challenges, based on your signs' characteristics. The selection includes an array of options, making it possible for every Cancer to find a stone that they feel connected to and gravitate towards. 


Moonstone, the Stone of New Beginnings

Bound by their ruling planet, the Moon, Cancer and Moonstone share an otherworldly connection. By tapping into and harnessing the energy of this gemstone, Cancerians can further enhance their innate qualities and spiritual growth. 

Moonstone stimulates the intuition that is already present in Cancerians, allowing them to develop a deeper trust in their own instincts. This is crucial for their decision-making process, as they tend to rely on their gut feeling over logic and reason. Enhanced intuitive abilities result in more confidence and self-assurance, reducing the insecurities that Cancer often faces.  

For a sensitive and empathetic zodiac sign, Cancer can be unbelievably vindictive and unwilling to forgive, harboring grudges and resentment for decades. As the stone of new beginnings, Moonstone can gently guide the celestial Crabs into a more forgiving mindset. The soothing energy of this crystal helps them to release deeply-held animosities and open their hearts to compassion, paving the path for personal growth and inner peace. 

When you need the gentle and loving energies of moonstone, wear this gemstone in the form of jewelry that is guaranteed to look delicate and classy. The beautiful hue of this gem makes it a perfect crystal for earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Moonstone bracelet
Oval Moonstone bracelet with Diamonds
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moonstone ring
Vintage inspired rose gold ring with Moonstone
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moonstone pendant
Round Moonstone pendant with Diamond
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Emerald, the Stone of Prosperity

The rich, green hue and natural energies of Emerald correspond to the innate characteristics of Cancerians, making it a potent gemstone for them to incorporate into their lives. 

Cancer is a natural empath who feels deeply and appreciates the harmony and balance Emerald can foster in their life. By wearing this gemstone, Cancerians can experience an enhanced sense of well-being and emotional stability, amplifying their intuitive gifts and guiding them towards greater self-understanding. This alignment ultimately leads to an enriched life and paves the way for happiness, success, and prosperity to flow into the Crab’s world. 

Emerald is believed to bring a sense of optimism and hope for the future, which is particularly significant for Cancerians who tend to be overly sensitive and can easily absorb negative emotions from their environment. By supporting an optimistic outlook, this crystal serves as an emotional shield that protects and strengthens celestial Crabs, helping them maintain a healthy mental and emotional state. 

A beautiful gemstone, emerald serves splendidly for a variety of jewelry uses and wearing pieces with this gemstone is the best way to make use of its positive properties.

emerald earrings
Emerald and diamond hoop earrings
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emerald tennis bracelet
Emerald and Diamond tennis bracelet
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emerald ring
Golden Emerald crossover ring
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Red Jasper, the Stone of Endurance

Often considered sensitive, intuitive, and empathic, Cancer is very likely to feel the impact of their emotions and the emotions of those around them. Hence, the stabilizing and grounding attributes of Red Jasper have proven to be advantageous for this zodiac sign. 

The stone of endurance and strength, Red Jasper can be a powerhouse of support for Cancerians who tend to experience frequent emotional fluctuations. As one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, Crabs often become overwhelmed by their feelings, both positive and negative. Red jasper assists in stabilizing the mood and providing a balanced emotional state, thus ensuring that Cancers can maintain their natural empathy and concern for others. 

Red Jasper’s grounding ability helps Cancerians to stay rooted in the present moment and avoid getting lost in their emotional world. These water signs are famous for their active imagination and may sometimes disappear in their vivid dreams and fantasies. The grounding properties of this gemstone ensure they remain present in reality and make meaningful connections with others.

Increasing emotional stamina is another essential benefit of Red Jasper for Cancer, as their empathic abilities may cause them to become emotionally exhausted. The crystal’s energy provides a continuous source of emotional strength, allowing Crabs to offer their support to others without depleting their own reserves. 

A beautiful gemstone, red jasper serves splendidly for a variety of jewelry uses and wearing pieces with this gemstone is the best way to make use of its positive properties. 

Red Jasper Bracelet
This Lady Bug bracelet with Red Jasper is the perfect piece
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Red jasper Earrings
925 sterling silver earrings with Red Jasper
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red jasper bracelet
Simple but elegant Red Jasper bracelet
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Carnelian, the Stone of Vitality and Action

The fiery energy and mood-enhancing properties of Carnelian make it an indispensable gemstone for Cancerians, boosting their personal growth and emotional well-being. This stone inspires passion and motivation, pushing the daydreamer of a Cancer to pursue their dreams and ambitions with more determination. 

As a water sign, Cancerians can often be plagued by negative thoughts and fears, which may hinder their progress in various aspects of life. Carnelian helps counter this by removing negativity and replacing it with a sense of courage and fearlessness. The newfound bravery enables this zodiac sign to face challenges with greater confidence and resilience.  

Additionally, the intuitive and imaginative Cancerians can benefit from Carnelian’s ability to stimulate creativity and overcome those annoying creative blocks.

carnelian earrings
Silver earrings with Carnelian and Diamonds
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Silver necklace with Carnelian and Diamonds
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Pinecone pendant with Carnelian
A truly unique pinecone pendant with Carnelian
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Rose Quartz, the Stone of Love

Rose Quartz has a strong resonance with the intrinsic attributes of Cancerians, namely those of love and compassion. Being a water sign, Cancers are deeply sensitive and empathetic souls, often in tune with the emotions of others. This heightened emotional awareness requires a balancing force to maintain harmony, and this is where rose quartz serves its most beneficial purpose for this zodiac sign. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which governs emotional realms and is associated with maternal instincts. Rose Quartz, also known as the stone of universal love, inherently complements the nurturing and protective nature of Cancerians. The vibratory frequencies of this delicate pink crystal serve to harmonize any emotional imbalances and can transmute negative feelings into positive energies. 

One of the primary benefits of Rose Quartz for Cancer is its ability to promote self-love, a crucial aspect for this water sign. As celestial Crabs have a natural inclination to care for others, they often forget to nourish themselves. Rose Quartz reminds them to practice self-care to improve their overall well-being and avoid burnout.

rose quartz tennis bracelet
Silver tennis bracelet with Rose Quartz
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rose quartz ring
14K white gold rose quartz ring
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Rose Quartz solitaire pendant with rose gold
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Citrine, the Stone of Success

Citrine acts as an essential tool for providing Cancer with emotional support, confidence, and positivity, aligning perfectly with the needs and aspirations of this water sign. 

The spirit-lifting properties of citrine are invaluable for Cancerians who may be weighed down by emotional baggage and stagnant energies. Crabs have a tendency to hold on to past traumas or situations and often struggle with letting go of negative emotions. Citrine, with its ability to dispel negativity and replace it with positivity, is like a dose of sunshine for the soul. It promotes a sense of peace and positivity and empowers Cancerians to release their emotional burdens. 

Cancerians are also known for their sensitive nature, which can lead to self-doubt and insecurity. They can therefore benefit from Citrine’s ability to enhance feelings of personal power and self-worth. The energy of this gemstone encourages a positive outlook on life and helps Cancer individuals to overcome their self-doubt. By harnessing the power of Citrine, Cancers can feel more secure in themselves and their abilities.

citrine bracelet
White gold curb chain bracelet with Citrine
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Citrine ring with Diamond accents
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Citrine studs with Diamond accents
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