Crystals to boost relationships and attract love

At times, we all carry out a theoretical relationship inventory. Not only in our partnership but also at large – relations with our friends, parents, children, and, above all, with ourselves. What kind of relationships are you happy with? What would you like to improve? Who would you like to cherish in particular? We will talk about crystals that can support your relations with the world around you.

For centuries already, crystals have been attributed with the ability to heal us and our relationships, similarly, they have been assigned various symbolic meanings. On the one hand, jewellery with crystals does indeed have a symbolic meaning, on the other hand, it can also be a kind of a secret power supporting a relationship that is dear to us. Below we will give you a short overview of the crystals linked with relationships and love.


Do you love yourself? Of course, but how much do you love yourself? In the endless deluge of daily tasks, we do not always have time to think about it, but actually it all starts with you, or to be more precise, with your love for yourself. If you love yourself, also the rest of the world seems to be full of love.

But where does love for yourself begin? Some psychologists say that the lack of love for ourselves is the greatest epidemic of our times. The roots are often in some childhood trauma, but it is equally fuelled by the life we lead in the current society where everything is compared to everything. However, you are unique! You cannot and must not be compared with anybody or anything. You are you and that’s enough.

In order to strengthen your relationship with yourself, you could pamper yourself with jewellery decorated with the following crystals.

  • Sunstone – feeds your inner energy allowing you to be safely open and honest with yourself as well as with others. 
  • Tiger’s eye – helps to remind you of your real desires and deepest wishes while also soothing the critical and constraining voice within you. 
  • Citrine – the given crystal keeps your self-esteem healthy and allows you to see your unique and exceptional qualities. It will also make every effort to keep confidence as your middle name. 
  • Moonstone – your heart’s desires will come true when you listen to your feelings and allow them to affect your life. Moonstone helps us to do it more – to become a better friend with the Wise Woman in our heart!
  • Pearl – you are amazingly beautiful. Yes, you – do you see it? Pearls help you to open your eyes and see your unique beauty.


Do you tell the most important person in your life “I love you!” every day? Actually every relation in our life provides an amazing reflection of the love that we offer – both to ourselves as well as to our partner. Everything that you get is a reflection of yourself!

Reflected love should embrace you unconditionally, without criticism. It should feed your soul and inspire you, not pin you down in the corner by suggesting that you and your thoughts are worthless. Love should give you power, not take it from you. If you are cherished, fed with inspiration and strength – you will be the best version of yourself. And this will benefit also your relationships.

The following crystals are suitable as gifts to your loved one or as symbols of your love.

  • Rose quartz – the crystal of unconditional love. Just love them. Here and now. Unconditionally. 
  • Opal – the given crystal brings harmony and romance in the relationship. It enhances fidelity and loyalty, it helps to have an open, neutral and supportive attitude to the other person. 
  • Garnet, ruby and coral – oh, the hot passion brought in our life by the energy of the given crystals! These crystals are red, hot and full of primal femininity, and add the energy of fresh passion even to long-standing relationships.
  • Larimar – another amazing crystal reminding us that there should be no conditions in a relationship – this is the only way to keep it pure. And only purity can give rise to the deepest love between two kindred spirits. 
  • Chrysocolla – amazing at melting frozen hearts! In case you have been hurt in a relationship and you feel that your heart is locked, chrysocolla helps to melt it once again. It also helps to stabilise and heal the environment at home where the relationship has cooled off.


When did you last call them and say thank you for being in my life and sharing the journey with me? Life is partly what we make it ourselves and partly what the friends we have chosen make it.

Most of us have such friends – or at least the one and most important friend who sometimes knows more about us than we do. That’s why they say that a friend is a gift that we give to ourselves. And real friends often walk in the door while all others are leaving.

The following crystals are perfect for supporting your friendships and ideal gifts to your friends.

  • Aquamarine – the given crystal is like the embodiment of a good friend: when you stray from the path, it will help you to get back on track. It is also the stone of communication encouraging you to express your thoughts and facilitating the understanding of others. 
  • Quartz and rutilated quartz – both allow you to take a step back from your patterns of thinking, look at life from a different angle and also teach you the art of forgiving, if necessary. 
  • Rhodochrosite – known as the stone of the compassionate heart, it increases your love for everything and everybody. It is a crystal of self-appreciation and balance teaching you to value yourself and to keep your own relations and those of other people around you in harmony.
  • Carnelian – the gemstones of brownish-red colour are considered the best stones of friendship. It is sometimes even said that they are village stones – they create a joyous atmosphere in the community open for sharing and communication. They will clear friendships of anxiety, jealousy and other negative emotions.
  • Lapis lazuli – a gorgeous blue crystal improving the communication between friends and enhancing honest and well-considered relations. When wearing the given crystal, it is easier to be honest, compassionate and understanding and thus you will find ways to be a better friend.

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