Quartz alias rock crystal

Quartz alias rock crystal

Rock Crystal alias quartz has clear and powerful energy to enhance spiritual growth, rational thinking. One of the most powerful stones of all crystals, especially for mental groth.

Keywords: personal power, clarity, balance, purity, rational thinking, balancing the energies of the body,life-energy, healing, spiritual growth, expression, weight loss.

Spiritual power
Promotes the opening of the third eye. Removes all disturbing energies, and radiates peace, harmony, and protection into the cleared atmosphere. It is also able to solve emotional congestions (blockages) in the person’s inner world, replacing them with balance.

Rock crystal makes you more social, expressive, sensible, and more attentive to other people. It promotes establishing telepathic contact, and clarification of all relationships. Rock crystal helps to give a rational meaning to every piece of information because it intensifies every mental process. A faceted stone brings only clarity and purity with it, and does not let the wearer sink into the ground; a round stone helps to concentrate, and improves memory, speech, and thinking.
Healing properties
Helps with thyroid and eye ailments. Presently, this stone is also known for many other properties. For example, with backaches and ailments related to the vertebrae, it is placed on the aching areas of the body (it would be best to use crystal together with amber). In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the heart, lymph nodes, glands, and blood circulation, strengthens the pineal gland and lungs, and soothes many eye ailments. It calms the entire nervous system, giving strength and vitality. Mountain crystal helps with headaches and intestinal and digestive diseases, and, along with magnesite and red jasper, it is also helpful with excess bodyweight. It also solves energy congestions (blockages) in the body.
Did you know?
  • Rock-crystal is clean colourless quartz. Despite of this fact that sand is full of tiny crystal particles, then huge crystal rocks aren't found very often.
  • Quartz is used a lot in electronics industry, because it has electrical resistivity - quartz can be found inside your watch, radio, microphone.
Care and maintenance
  Discharge under lukewarm flowing water, and recharge in the sunshine or moonlight.
Best signs
Pisces, Leo, Capricorn

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