Mookaite (Jasper)

Mookaite (Jasper)

Mookaite is a type of jasper, but it is usually found in such colours - pink, yellow and brown, and red patterned - only in Australia. It is a stone that promotes a multifaceted nature, as its appearance indicates, but it also has a balancing effect.

Keywords: balance, flexibility, calm, peace of mind, power, life force, focus, power

Spiritual power
Mookaite embodys a beneficial energy to slow aging, it will even change how you think about the whole aging process! Mookaite, like jasper, creates a balance between internal and external experience - it gives peace of mind, stability and fortitude. It promotes variety - pointing all the possibilities in different situations and helping to find the right path. It helps make use of positive energy to increase focus and personal power.
Healing powers
Gives physical body strength and bolsters the life force, vitality and immune system. Heals wounds and purifies the blood. Jasper stimulates bodily processes and extends sexual enjoyment.
Did you know
  • Mookaite is found only in Australia, and it was known as a stone with a high vibration and a connection with Mother Earth.
Care and maintenance
Strong stone. Clean with lukewarm soapy water and a cloth. Does not tolerate contact with household chemicals. Charge in sun- and moonlight and above candle flame and incense smoke.
Best signs
Leo, Virgo, Scorpio

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