Jasper is a multi-faced gem beauty! Its mainly quartz with many different inclusions, each of them giving different pattern and colour. Similar to agate, but usually non-transparent, while agates can be partially glassy. Each jasper piece is unique – it requires mastery of eye to present each stone the most amazing way.

Keywords: cleansing, protection, peace, creativity, mystery, relationships, sexuality, femininity, fertility, grounding

Spiritual power
With its miraculous pattern games jasper lights up passion, heats up sensuality and prolongates sexual pleasures.

Jasper absorbs negative energy, cleaning the environment in which it has been placed. Red jasper improves sensibility and the ability to understand. Jasper is most suitable to wear at work, because although it is attached to hierarchy, sense of duty, and honour, it also balances the relationships between people. The relaxing energy of jasper helps to finish what has been started and to focus on one thing at once. It is very suitable for those who are looking for their place in life and who are willing to keep both feet firmly on the ground.

Yellow jasper under the pillow brings pleasant dreams and drives away fears. This stone has a positive effect on the ability to understand and on sensibility, and relations with bosses become better.
Healing properties
 Jasper supports blood circulation and digestive and reproductive organs. It balances the mineral content of the body.
Did you know?
  • The stone facilitates shamanic travels and memorising dreams, and helps in sorcery ;)
  • Babylonians believed jasper to be feminine stone and symbol of giving birth.
  • How to make difference between agate and jasper? If you connect two agates, there is a sound of clink. If you connect two jaspers the sound is echoless.
  • Jasper has several hundred types, e.g yellow bumble-bee jasper, crazy lace jasper, leopard jasper according to leopard similarity, turtle jasper. There are also bloodstone ja mookaite
Care and maintenance
 If you wear it as jewellery, it is enough to discharge it under flowing water 1–2 times a month and let it recover in the sunshine.
Best signs
Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricon, Aries, Gemini
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