Azurite with its deep blue tone was named for the colour azure. In nature, its companion is often malachite, as they have a similar chemical makeup. They are often paired in jewellery.

Keywords: consciousness, vision, understanding, access to the subconscious, ridding oneself of fears, wisdom, stress relief

Spiritual power
Azurite guides psychological and intuitive development and promotes higher awareness. Emotionally, it relieves stress, excessive worry, sadness and mourning, bringing more brightness to emotions.

Azurite is a good meditative stone, helping you see things more clearly, increasing power of understanding and bringing buried memories to the surface. An important component in understanding the world is self-analysis and self-knowledge, which help you make progress in your development until old thought patterns fade. This stone helps to turn fear into wisdom to be able to cope with the process. Through your new worldview - the limitless prism - you will be able to discern the true nature of people, things and situations, and life will be simpler!
Healing properties
A source of support for throat problems. Provides sustenance for arthritis and sore joints, aligns the spinal column, salutary effect on kidneys, gall bladder and Liver and also treats the pancreas, thyroid, bones, teeth and skin. Improves the body’s oxygen uptake and improves blood characteristics. Also supports the nervous system.
Did you know
  • Azure means the blue colour of the clear evening sky seen above deserts and wintry landscapes.
  • Used in Egypt and France for obtaining a blue natural pigment.
  • Pairing azurite with malachite combines the properties of the two crystals, becoming a powerful energy conductor.  
Care and maintenance
Since azurite is softer than ordinary crystals, handle it with care. Like you yourself, the stone matures and wears; it may change colour slightly over time. Clean it with a soft cloth, and if necessary dilute soapy water, but do not rinse with hot water!
Best signs
Sagittarius and Aquarius