Herkimer diamond (quartz)

Herkimer diamond (quartz)

The Herkimer diamond has the same composition as pure colourless quartz or rock crystal . What makes it special is its shape, which resembles a polished gemstone: it has an unusual 18-faceted form. It is called a diamond for its wonderful purity and brilliance as well as its geometric structure which is in fact similar to that of real diamonds. Named after the village of Herkimer in New York County, this mineral is also found in Canada, China, England and Germany. There may also be some interesting feathering and inclusions present in these crystals.

Keywords: clairvoyance, telepathy, dream interpretation, cleansing, spirituality, perfect, freedom from fear, vision, peace, self-confidence

Spiritual power
This wonderfully sparkling crystal is endowed with many exciting powers that have fascinated people with ambitions of clairvoyance and psychic abilities throughout the ages. There is a mystical dimension inherent in this crystal that reminds you that you do not have to become something - you are already perfect in nature.

Mystics use this crystal to stimulate their psychic abilities and to further their quest for greater clairvoyance. The stone enhances spiritual visions and develops telepathic abilities. Herkimer diamond is also loved by dreamers, because it helps to develop the ability of lucid or conscious dreaming, to remember and understand dreams. The crystal contributes to the flow of high spiritual energy by purifying and activating the chakras. Also, subconscious fears and suppressed energies and emotions are swept away by this shining one, allowing your body and mind to completely relax.
Healing properties
The Herkimer diamond is effective for pain relief. It is a powerful cleanser that can remove toxins and tensions from the body, which in turn allows the body to heal.
Did you know
  • These brilliant crystals were already known to the Mohawk Indians, who used them as amulets, made tools out of them and used them as a means of exchange with other tribes. Interest in these beauties disappeared around 1600, when the first glass beads came into use.
Care and maintenance
Herkimer diamonds belong to the quartz family, and you can wash your crystal with water, clean it with a soft brush, and charge it in the rays of the sun and moon.
Best signs
Suitable for Sagittarius, but also anyone else on a spiritual path

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