Fluorite is a very beautiful mineral because many colors can be present in one stone at a time. The main colors are purple, green, white, light blue, yellow. Fluorite has a wonderful colour spectrum and the beautiful varied translucent and sometimes even cracked or fractured structure makes this crystal very popular with collectors.

Keywords: cleansing, balance, protection, grounding, intuition, higher consciousness, spiritual growth, self-confidence, concentration, sexual energy, wisdom

Spiritual power
Whatever kind of negative energy is hooked on to you or stuck in your energy field, beautifully translucent fluorite will help you get rid of it! It purifies and balances energy, creates a balance between a person's energetic bodies (mental, emotional, physical). It helps root out hidden and supressed feelings, allowing them to rise to the surface and be released. When sexual energy has become dormant, fluoride does not neglect it, either. It can ignite sexual energy in even the most numb person. Yellow fluorite is especially well suited to do this.

Fluorite is an excellent stone for spiritual practitioners as it raises awareness and cognition, enhances intuitive power, and assists in learning as it promotes concentration and thinking. It has even been called the 'Crystal of Intelligence' because it helps one learn and draw conclusions directly from one's life experience. It opens the mind up for development and facilitates the reception of information. Hmm ... once all of this has happened, it's no wonder that one's self-confidence and self-esteem rise!

This stone is often associated with advanced civilisations and technological advancements. It is believed that it promotes technical savvy and is therefore a good companion for those working in the field of technology or high-tech equipment.
Healing properties
Fluorite is a powerful healing stone in many ways: it can heal teeth, bones and cells, heal DNA damage, heal wounds, fight viruses, relieve arthritis and rheumatism, and protect against electromagnetic radiation.
Did you know
  • Fluorite glows under UV light
  • The Chinese have made fluorite figurines for 300 years.
  • There are sometimes cracks present in fluoride, these are not a defect in a the stone, but rather show the growth lines of this mineral. Every natural crystal has its own peculiarities!
Care and maintenance
Fluorite is a very delicate stone and can easily break, so treat it with care!
Best signs
Capricorn, Pisces
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