Since ancient times it has been important stone in feminine rituals as the stone has magic to increase feminine charm and powers. As most feminine crystal moonstone combines the flow of life and juicy feminine energy. Moonstone is like the first side of moon at the same time when her sister labradorite is the moons back side and mystic aspect of feminine energy.

Keywords: Wise femininity, sensibility, and intuition; the stone of new starts, fertility, feminine power, balance of emotions, balance of hormones, flow, mystic aspects of life, love, relationships.

Spiritual power
Moonstone is a stone of extraordinarily feminine energy, which was used in the mysteries of women already in ancient times. Moonstone helps if you are trying to embody the properties of a goddess. As a powerful activator of intuition, it might generate strong visions. At the same time, it is the stone of lovers, which resolves arguments between lovers, increases the attraction of women, and lets lovers be closer to each other; a copulated couple symbolises the higher goal of yogis, the integration of male and female energies.

Moonstone reacts to the moon phases. It is the strongest during full moon, and absorbs the powers of hope, wealth, resurrection, and wisdom. During the waning moon, moonstone helps to turn inwards, to leave everything old behind, and to find answers to your questions from your dreams. Moonstone mystical shine symbolises the unused possibilities of the soul, the cosmic uterus from which everything starts. There is the same beauty in moonstone as in the glow of a child-bearing mother. The stone is closely related to the emotional body. It helps you to become aware of feelings of yourself and of those who are close to you, and it balances the excessive alertness of your emotional life. It helps a person to accept the nature of their feelings, and calms an impetuous mind.

Moonstone enlarges a one-dimensional way of thinking which is based solely on the brain, and softens difficult behaviour. It is suitable for people who knowingly want to establish a connection with their intuitive side and emotions. It teaches that the heart’s desires come true if you listen to your feelings and let them influence your life. Moonstone is also thought to improve clairvoyance skills, it relaxes and relieves stress.
Healing properties
As moonstone has always been associated with the power of the Moon, fertility, maternity, and femininity, it first and foremost protects female genitals against the corresponding diseases, and also helps during childbirth, as well as reducing and relieving menstrual ailments, including PMS. Moonstone is also related to the pineal gland, and it balances the hormonal system and evens the imbalance of liquids. Improves digestion.
Did you know?
  • Legends say that moonstone brings good luck. Many believed that you could see the future if you held a moonstone in your mouth during a full moon.
  • According to Hindu mythology, moonstone is made of solidified moonbeams.
Care and maintenance
As moonstone has natural cleaveages, then protect your stone against scratches and stikes. Clean from time to time with lukewarm soap water and dry with a soft cloth. Let your moonstone charge in the light of the waxing moon. Program it above candle flame or with insence.
Best signs
Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Gemini
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