Belongs to the chalcedony family. Her colour palette ranges from orange to deep red. This is a stone for passion, creativity and business success.

Keywords: positivity, energy, joy, abundance, motivation, creativity, courage, business success, luck-talisman, trust, presence, grounding, passion, sexuality, fertility.

Spiritual power
Carnelian adds to the optimism, stamina, and tolerance of a person. It helps to execute ideas and plans, and gives physical strength. Carnelian warms and soothes because it is energetically connected to the Earth. This stone is a suitable companion for those who want to concentrate and achieve a better connection between body and mind. It improves self-confidence, and helps to reveal the soul’s hidden skills and talents. It is also used for becoming aware of previous lives. Carnelian helps to fulfil commitments related to family, and also gives courage to trust your gut feelings.

Carnelian’s colour, which is reminiscent of golden autumn leaves, symbolises ripe, sensual beauty – a person who wants and is able to share the inner values of their soul with others. It makes a person more social, teaches them how to feel the joy of the greatness of their body and their worldly life, awaking sexual craving. It is suitable for people who have difficulties in expressing their sexual wishes.
Healing properties
Carnelian is full of vigour and vitality, therefore improving metabolism. It relieves problems in the lower body, in the gastrointestinal tract, and in the intestines; it improves detoxification of the organism. It cleans the blood, kidneys, liver, and bladder, and may even dissolve stones in these organs. It lowers high blood pressure, removes blood blockages, and incites blood production. It relieves asthmatic and rheumatic ailments. Carnelian stops nosebleeds and the development of parodontosis, strengthens the gums and eyes, and helps to retain the youthfulness of the skin. It activates the sexual centre in the brain, relieves menstruation ailments, and balances the functioning of hormones.
Did you know?
  • The orange Carnelian represents fertility and potency. Childless couple will be blessed with kids if they start wearing the stone in jewellery, it will also bring them physically and mentally closer.
  • The Carnelian gemstone is considered as the talisman for success. It will make you a big success in any kind of financial venture.
  • Belongs to chalcedony family together with: agate, jasper, bloodstone, tiger eye, chrysocolla, onyx.
Care and maintenance
  Discharge 1–2 times a month under flowing water, polish with soft cloth. Carnelian can be left shortly in the sunshine or in the moonlight for several hours to recover.
Best signs
Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn
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