Onyx is a stone for self-assured persons – it increases independence and courage. It gives strength and at the same time has magnetic powers to attract everything you need. Good for relationships, friendship and love.

Keywords: transforms negativity into positivity, draws energy from the universe, rejuvenation, vitality, persistence, soothes fears, gives wisdom.

Spiritual power
Onyx is a stone for people who are striving and confident; it helps to stay true to one's goals and draw together inner energy while offering power and strength. It protects and ensures against oppression and negative influences while balancing the body as well as the mind. It offers the ability to make wise decisions.

Onyx eliminates melancholy, offers strength, and helps with karmic debt. It will bring you luck and happiness, and it encourages friendship and protects marital bliss. Onyx enhances independence and fearlessness. Onyx is connected to Uranus. It is a stone of belief, ideology, information, and science.

Onyx is also known for its time-stopping effect; therefore, it is used for rejuvenating treatments with the purpose of living longer. Sometimes it is used for astral journeys in time and for clairvoyance. The main function of onyx is reinforcing the future. Those wishing to become free from fear of the future should wear this stone. Furthermore, onyx protects its possessor on travels, journeys, and on business trips.
Healing properties
Onyx is a stone that draws energy together and helps to overcome illnesses. It improves blood circulation and improves hearing. It reinforces the legs, teeth, nails, skin and hair; it prevents hair from falling out. Onyx is also beneficial for the heart, kidneys, spleen, and nervous system. It reduces apathy and hypersensitivity in terms of weather conditions. It stimulates post-operational recovery and protects from possible complications. It relieves earaches. Onyx replenishes the pancreas when placed on the solar plexus.
Care and maintenance
  Running lukewarm soapy water is the best for cleaning this stone. Bury underground or stick into the soil (flower pot) couple of times per year for one night – to restore its beauty.
Best signs
Capricorn and Leo
This gemstone has no similar stones! It must be really unique