Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is protecting you and also keeps you in a positive vibe. If you are missing balance and security in your life, let tiger's eye help you!

Keywords: protection, talisman, grounding, positive, achievement of objectives, concentration, phycological capability, kundalini energy, increasing of 6fh sense, security, self-trust, balancing of feminine and masculine energies.

Spiritual power
The energy of tiger's eye entails warmth and certainty. A person wearing tiger's eye can relax and be prepared for progression. The energy of the stone is slow and heavy, but it has strong effect when put in motion. It is good for people who are searching for their strength and want to hold on to reality.

Tiger's eye strengthens weak self-trust and provides the courage to use one's opportunities. It also sharpens thinking and helps to understand life's social side and the wishes of others as well as your own. Tiger's eye reconciles opposites and connects masculine energy with feminine energy. It is advisable to wear Tiger's eye to improve focus and place it in front of yourself while taking exams.
Healing properties
Tiger's eye activates the movement center and strengthens the bones and joints. Its golden-brown color warms the body (especially the respiratory tract) and relieves gasping and asthma attacks. Tiger's eye has a relaxing effect on the nerves and metabolism. It is good for digestion and the functioning of the spleen and intestinal tract. Tiger's eye strengthens the liver and has an antibacterial effect.
Did you know?
  • Tiger's eye is the stone of magicians. It is believed that in the case of emergency, the tiger's eye ring will squeeze your finger.
Care and maintenance
Wash it under running water 2–3 times per month and place in the sunlight for 2–3 hours. Doesn't like household chemicals or perfumes. "Program" with insence.
Best signs
Capricorn, Sagittarius, Taurus, Gemini, Leo
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