Turquoise is a stone of luck and protection. It stimulates romantic love and heals the spirit and body. It scatters negative energy and consolidates inner peace. This stone is helpful against depression and exhaustion.

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Spiritual power
Turquoise has always been considered to bring protection and luck. It collects negative energy into itself and by changing its color warns the possessor about danger, accidents, violence, and diseases. It was thought long ago that turquoise prevents the horse and rider from falling (this applies to other methods of travel as well). The colors of the sky and sea melt together in turquoise. The stone is a symbol of infinity as well as a symbol of a person uniting with the universe. The stone expands the limits of the mind. Turquoise improves self-expression in writing and opens up creative channels. It helps to listen to the mind's inner silence while meditating.

Turquoise opens the gate to the source of inner wisdom. The stone has a feminine energy and increases the ability to love and be tender. Turquoise helps to understand the feelings of other people and increases compassion toward all living creatures. It changes sad people into happy people and helps to make difficult situations easier. Turquoise encourages travel and making new friends.
Healing properties
Blue turquoise helps in case of liver and internal secretion gland deficiencies. It strengthens the heart and eyes (relieves eye diseases). Turquoise strengthens blood circulation, heals throat inflammations, and cures lung and respiratory tract diseases. It is used for treating all diseases that cause weight loss. Turquoise's bright radiance is also beneficial in terms of hypoxia, blood poisoning, and stress. It helps to recover from viral, infectious, and inflammatory diseases.
Did you know?
  • 4,000 BC turquoise buried in Ancient Egyptian tombs is among the world’s oldest jewelry.
  • Ancient Egyptians called turquoise “mefkat,” which also means “joy” and “delight.”
  • Turquoise was a ceremonial gem and a medium of exchange for Native American tribes in the southwestern US. They also used it in their jewelry and amulets.
Care and maintenance
It is necessary to cleanse and charge turquoise immediately after it has changed color. Clean turquoise under running water; charge it on the ground and in moonlight. Don't expose to heat or sun.
Best signs
Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn

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