Chalcedony is in the same gem family as carnelian, but it is much more calming and soothing. Chalcedony is source of vitality and life-force.

Keywords: balance, peace, joy, self-worth, expression, communication, love, femininity, truth, cleanser, healing energy, life force

Spiritual power
Bluish Chalcedony calms a turbulent mind. It directs attention from chaos and disorder to harmony, and cools overheated feelings like anger and rage. It leads the person to precision and sharpness in their work.

Chalcedony is very suitable for orators and those dealing with children. It gives courage to perform to speakers, makes speech smoother, and helps to eliminate fears that are restraining self-expression. The stone helps the shy to open themselves, giving them courage to express their wishes and emotions and to understand the surroundings better. CHALCEDONY improves its wearer’s patience and honesty, and reminds that self-confidence is important in everything. It has also been used as a truth amulet to confirm the truth value of the words that are being said.
Healing properties
Powerful cleanser. Relieves all problems in the areas of the neck and shoulders. It soothes throat inflammations and roughness of voice, making the timbre more pleasant. It can restrain bleeding and accelerate the healing of wounds. Women in transitional years who are experiencing problems related to menopause should certainly wear chalcedony. It refreshes motherly instincts and increases the amount of breast milk. Chalcedony decreases the signs of dementia and senility. It increases physical energy.
Did you know?
Care and maintenance
 Clean once or twice a month under running water. Leave under sunshine for several hours to charge.
Best signs
Suitable for all except Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio.

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