#WildMe – Designed by WildWoman

WildMe – contemporary Me, the Soul of a primal Woman

We live in a contemporary world, but we remember and know the soul and spirit of a woman in its primitive and animalistic form. The WildMe collection is like the runes of contemporary times that draw together all the feminine secret power inside you…

Sometimes it feels like all the other women cope with life with playful ease and it’s only me that is unable to keep up with the rollercoaster of being a woman. How on earth does make-up stay on all day? How can I lose those 7 extra kilos? Where do others find those well-fitting feminine dresses? What is the formula for raising children into decent human beings? Where do these female investors find their starting capital? Where do I find the energy to listen to my girlfriends like a psychologist? How are these other women still able to clean and read books?

Your great-grandmothers were mighty women, your grandmothers were mighty women and you also have been given the DNA set of a mighty woman. It’s your primal feminine traits – your Wild Me – that give you everything you need to cope as a woman:
– the power to remind yourself of your Might
– the Creativity that makes something from nothing
– the Intuition that knows when and what
– the Wise Rebel soul that keeps your truth alive
– the Sensuality that contains passion
– the Oneness that gives life its meaning
– the Balance that helps to cope
– the Self-Confidence that brings peace
– the Self-Love that brings joy

Just listen, be and find the primal female power within you. It is there! And this jewellery will help you find it.

The WildMe collection of jewellery is made from recycled silver.



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